[Infographic] The Secret to Generating More Likes On Instagram


With studies indicating that posts with images in them are more engaging for social media audiences, of course someone would set out to discover the secret to generating more likes on Instagram. Thanks to the folks at visual marketing and analytics firm, Curalate, now we know how color theory effects social media engagement.

According to the Curalate study, Instagram likes are coveted and difficult to generate. In fact, 65 percent of Instagram images early a measly 0-10 likes. So what’s the secret sauce for getting people to “like” your images on Instagram?

The study found that blue images perform the best. In fact, images with blue as the dominant color outperform images with red as the dominant color by nearly 25 percent. Despite the fact that 90 percent of images have a 20 percent or less dominant hue, Images with a 40 percent dominant hue also generate the most likes.

Images with 90 percent background space and texture also perform well, while dark images are less likely to be shared or liked, according the study.

This is information marketers need take heed since the study also indicates that less than 40 percent of brands are following these guidelines. With the success of the first run of sponsored posts, Michael Kors must have done something right to have generated more than 200,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Check out the Curalate findings in the infographic below.


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