Infographic: The Not-So-Worldwide Webs


Where are all the cool kids from the Netherlands hanging out online? Hint: it’s not Facebook. This snack-size infographic shows which regional social networks are popular in different parts of the world.

China, Japan, Spain, Latvia, and yes, the Netherlands, all have their own social media sites.

“While the country-specific networks mirror the functionality of social networks everywhere, with the ability to blog, message and share photos with communities of other users, there are perks for users who stick to their own country’s platform,” writes JESS3′s Heather Robertson. ”Tuenti, for instance, is invitation-only and provides more privacy for users than Facebook. Mixi requires an active Japanese cell phone email address to register, making it exclusive as well.”

She adds, “The networks are also optimized for the native languages and cultures of its users. Qzone is virtually inaccessible for english speakers, and Hyves played a part in the 2010 Dutch elections when candidates held a debate on the site.”

In the infographic below, JESS3 used data from Socialbakers to show what percentage of the population is actively using the top network in each country.

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