INFOGRAPHIC: Telecommunications Companies on Facebook Are ‘Socially Devoted’ in 2Q


SociallyDevoted2QInfographicTeaser650Telecommunications companies dominated the second-quarter Socially Devoted analysis of customer service on Facebook by analytics provider Socialbakers, accounting for 60 percent of the 59 fastest responders.

Socialbakers discussed its second-quarter results and the methodology behind them in an email to AllFacebook:

Our second-quarter Socially Devoted numbers are in, and — surprise, surprise — they show that fans want to engage with brands. Customers increasingly prefer to voice their opinions and get answers to their questions on social platforms. In this quarter alone, among the more than 54,000 Facebook pages Socialbakers analyzes, users asked more than 1.5 million questions. 67 percent of those questions were answered by the brands they were aimed at. This makes Facebook — for the second quarter in a row — a Socially Devoted platform.

We set the bar for what it means to be Socially Devoted — we believe that brands should respond to at least 65 percent of questions posted by fans. Responsive brands see the difference. Only 5 percent of brands are Socially Devoted on Facebook, yet they receive one-half of all questions asked and reply to nearly 70 percent of them in 15 hours or less — much better than the average response time of 26 hours. It’s simple, the more Socially Devoted you become, the more your fans will interact with you.

Highlights from Socialbakers’ second-quarter Socially Devoted report included:

  • The fastest-responding brands answered fans in 30 minutes or less, including during nights and weekends.
  • 60 percent of the top 59 quickest responders were telecommunications companies, followed by airlines, finance and e-commerce, at 9 percent apiece.
  • The industries that experience the highest demand are also those that excel at customer care on Facebook.
  • Nine of the top 10 Socially Devoted companies were from the telecommunications sector. The exception was No. 1 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • Telecommunications companies were asked nearly 500,000 questions and answered more than 80 percent of them.
  • Indonesian telecommunications company Telkomsel responded to 89 percent of the more than 31,000 customer queries it received during the second quarter.
  • Retailers also scored well, as did finance, airlines and industrial.