Infographic: Important résumé tips to remember


Some tips you’ve heard a thousand times, while others may be new. Either way, commit them to memory before you start working on that résumé.

By Kristin Piombino | Posted: April 24, 2014
Whether you’re creating a résumé for the first time or sprucing yours up for a new job opportunity, you’ve probably heard a lot of the same advice:

  • Use a 9-12 point font.
  • Use traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Helvetica.

That is all sound advice, and you’d be wise to heed it. But there are a few other lesser-known résumé tips you should be aware of, too.

An infographic from can help you out. Its list of résumé dos and don’ts includes the basics tips above, as well as some advice you may not know about or forgot since you last drafted a résumé.

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Here are a few of those lesser-known tips:

  • You can use color on your résumé. (Just use it wisely.)
  • Do not list your GPA if it is below 3.5.
  • Don’t use more than six or seven bullet points per section.
  • You should avoid filler words like “the,” “and,” and “a.”

Take a look at the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)


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