Infographic: Are your Twitter skills up to date?


This infographic provides a nice refresher on Twitter best practices, including when and what to tweet, how to use hashtags and the benefits of sharing photos.

By Kristin Piombino | Posted: July 10, 2014
Twitter has been around since 2006, but that doesn’t mean we’re all using it the way we should. (Who hasn’t squeezed in a couple of extra hashtags, or forgotten to leave space in a tweet so people could add comments?)

This infographic from Passion Digital is a nice reminder of some best practices organizations and individuals should follow on Twitter. For example:

Insert links in the middle of your tweets. Write your key message first, add the link, and then end with your thoughts.

Use relevant hashtags. Don’t use a hashtag just because it’s trending. Only use hashtags that are relevant to you. Trends typically only last an hour on Twitter.

Keep tweets short. Try to keep your tweets at around 100 characters. This leaves room for others to retweet your message and their own comments.

Share photos. Twitter now shows image previews in the timeline, which offers more opportunities for followers to engage with your tweets.

Tweet in the afternoon. Mobile users are 119 percent more likely to use Twitter during the day, specifically the afternoon.

Check out the full infographic to ensure your Twitter skills are up to date:

(View a larger image.)


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