Infographic: 2012 Online Video Stats & 2013 Predictions


2012 has been a break out year for online video, with online video consumption at an all time high.  A new infographic from SundaySky takes a look at the State of Online Video in 2012, as well as some trends to look for in 2013.

According to the infographic, 182 million viewers watched 456.6 million content videos and 105.4 video ads this year.  The average content video duration was 6.3 minutes, while the average video ad was 24 seconds.

2012 also saw increased spending for online video advertising, as advertisers began recognizing the ROI associated with video ads.  $ 2.9 billion was spent on video ads in 2012—that’s 23 percent of the total display media spend this year.

Mobile video viewing is up as well, with 50 percent of tablet users watching video content and 20 percent of smartphone users watching video content.

So what can we expect from online video in 2012?  SundaySky predicts that more businesses will enhance customer experience with smarter applications of online video, and video will get more personalized to up engagement.

Check out the full infographic below to find out more and let us know what you think!

2012 State of Online Video

Image credit: Bruce Rolff via

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