Improve Blog Traffic With These 3 Tips


Many business owners are looking for ways to improve blog traffic, as a blog is no longer an option for a business looking to maximize their online marketing. They are extremely effective and can produce a very healthy ROI when utilized correctly.

Your blog provides you with a great tool to connect with your target market and position your brand as an authority. Producing excellent content will produce more leads for your business, allowing you to convert more sales, and then ultimately more revenue.

Yes, a blog is a very powerful tool, but now every business has a blog. You need to post useful content that your readers are going to want to read on a regular basis because it provides them with value. With so many options and sources of content it is important to focus on producing excellent content, because with that comes leads, sales, and revenue…naturally. Here are three tips to help you improve blog traffic.

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1. Give Your Readers Value – NOT a Sales Pitch

The biggest mistake businesses make is creating blog posts that read like a press release. Would you continue to visit a website that just jams overly promotional information down your throat? Of course you wouldn’t, so don’t do it to your readers. If you take a look at our blog we tend to produce blog posts that provide value without turning them into a sales pitch. A business owner can visit our blog every single day and read useful information that they can implement into their marketing strategy.

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So, are we just a bunch of nice people that are in the business of just dishing out free information? Of course not, but we have a successful formula of providing our blog readers with excellent information, which helps to establish a relationship before a formal business relationship is entered into. The business owners that read our blog and subscribe to our free weekly newsletter will eventually reach out to us when they are ready for professional help.

Once you start to establish that relationship it becomes so important that you maintain your publishing schedule. Our readers know that they can visit our blog Monday through Friday and read a new informative blog post. If we were missing publishing deadlines and posting on an inconsistent basis we would lose a large percentage of our readers. Focus on providing value to your readers and the rest will fall into place.

2. Split Test Content Topics – Numbers Don’t Lie

You might think that your audience is interested in the content you are publishing on your blog, but do you have any concrete information to back up your thinking? You could be the expert on a topic, but if your readers aren’t interested in it then you are just wasting time. You need test your content and dive into the numbers to see the impact your content is having.

A simple way to gauge the popularity of your content is to take a quick peek at the social shares your blog posts are receiving. Are your readers sharing the content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites? You will also want to dive into your analytics to see what posts are receiving the most page views. This is a clear indication of what topics your readership enjoys the most. The numbers don’t lie, so expand on the popular topics and continue to improve blog traffic by giving your target audience what they want.

3. Maintain Consistency

We mentioned it above, but it is so important that we are going to address it again. Many business owners think that they need to blog every single day (even multiple times a day) and they maintain that pace for a couple of weeks and then their blog completely falls off the pace and posts here and there.

There is no rule that says you have to publish a specific amount of content. The trick is to be consistent, whether that is posting once a week or once a day. Your blog can grow with your business, as long as you establish a set publishing schedule and stick to it like glue. Once your readers get accustomed to your publishing schedule you are going to naturally improve bog traffic since your readers will visit your website to read the new content.

Having a blog for your business used to be an option, but now it is a necessity. Produce great content that is valuable to your readers, tailor it to their interests, and publish on a consistent schedule. These three simple tips will help you improve blog traffic, as well as your conversions and revenue.

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