Imoji Personalizes Your Texting Experience With Custom Emojis


Until recently, most text-based emojis were based on a particular set of standard characters. But why settle for standard emojis when you can create your own? The iOS app Imoji allows you to do just that.

Making a personalized emoji using Imoji is as simple as selecting or taking a selfie. To get started, snap or choose your favorite photo, then use the Imoji editing tool to trim off any undesirable parts of the image. Once you’re done, you can share your custom emoji in iMessenger, where it appears as images.

Right now, Imoji doesn’t support the sending of multiple emojis like standard character-based ones. This is because they are not true emojis, but only images that look like them. The standard emoji character sets are actually sets of codes which defines the final image so that each user sees a similar “character.” Imoji is not a rendered standard image, but it is strikingly similar to art project, Emoji IRL LoL, by artist Liza Helennelson. If Emoji IRL LOL takes standard emojis and converts them into real-life subjects, then Imoji is its inverse — it takes real-life images and turns them into emoji-esque characters. Just like Emoji IRL LOL, they look a bit uncanny.

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