Image Search Engines: Pinterest Takes on Google (Infographic)


Pinterest and Google are battling it out to become the ultimate image search engine. While Google remains the king of image results based on the literal intent of a search, Pinterest is doing a much better job at solving the biggest problem with search engines right now, which is content discovery. By offering more intuitive image results that go beyond literal keywords or search terms, users are flocking to Pinterest to find images.

Pinterest may not be replacing Google anytime soon, but the platform is becoming a true search alternative to the giant. When you search on Pinterest, descriptive visual guides and refined search options will help you sort through the endless stream of images, and discover new, interesting content.

Here are some of the key tools that set Pinterest image search apart from Google.

Image Search Engines: Pinterest Takes on Google (Infographic) image GOOGLE PINTEREST INFOGRAPHICInfographic Source

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