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Image-Editing App Facetune In Harmony With Facebook Mobile App Install Ads


FacetuneFacebook captured a snapshot of image-editing iOS application Facetune to illustrate its success in a showcase on its developers’ page.

The social network focused on how mobile app install ads helped drive downloads of the app, adding that Facetune parent Lightricks, a small Israeli startup, had a minimal marketing budget for the app.

Facetune, which sells for $ 2.99 on the iTunes App Store, went from No. 283 in the U.S. App Store to No. 2 in just five days, finding itself atop the charts for paid apps in more than 40 markets.

The app saw 35 times more installations in the U.S. after launching its mobile app install ad campaign, and after one week of running a similar campaign in the U.K, it achieved a click-through rate of 2.5 percent.

Facebook said Lightricks tested and optimized images, copy, and targeting parameters during its campaigns, enabling it to optimize higher-performing ads and pull the plug on underperforming ads.

Lightricks Business-Development Director Itai Tsiddon told the social network:

When we launched our product, we had very little marketing dollars. Upon starting to see revenue, we diverted most of these to Facebook because it was the one measurable, effective way to drive growth in a sustainable fashion.

Developers: Have you experienced similar success stories with mobile app install ad campaigns?

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