Adds Facebook Notifications Button To Embed Social Platform


EmbedSocialNotificationsButton650Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and application developer bolstered its Embed Social platform with a subscribe button that brands can embed anywhere on their websites to encourage visitors to agree to receive Facebook notifications. said the button can be used for purposes such as direct links to eBooks, voucher codes, gates for pages that are under construction, or event RSVPs.

The company added in an email describing the notifications button:

We are all used to building email forms on our websites, where we ask our website visitors to submit their email addresses and notify them by creating newsletters and e-magazines. But this process of notifying subscribers has not really changed for more than 10 years, right? It is still common practice to build a newsletter, test it in various email consoles, pay for a service to send the emails to subscribers, and receive outcomes with very small click-through rates.

The Embed Social platform has found a better solution that allows users to embed a subscribe button anywhere in a website and engage visitors to subscribe for notifications. The great power of this button is the option to notify subscribers with direct Facebook notifications.

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