If You Missed SMW NYC, Read On: The SMW Press Corps’ Gift to You


This is the first post in a two-part series. For the second post, click here.

For Brittany VanBibber, it was talking with Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed.

For Joe Goeghan, meeting Marc Landsberg, CEO of Chicago-based socialdeviant, counted most.

For Oghene Oyiborhoro, rubbing shoulders with Upworthy and Zipcar’s CEO was “encouraging for a young upstart.”

Brittany, Joe, and Oghene were part of the eight-person SMW/OpenCommunications Press Corps that covered the 2014 edition of SMW New York. While the five days of events have come and gone, the Press Corps’ 32 articles, 100+ tweets (#SMWPressCorps) and RTs, a Twitter chat and myriad twit pics, Instagram vids, and Vines all live on.

And for event marketers, it’s an important point. Before social media, enthusiasm around a conference died down after the last session or as people checked their luggage at the local airport. Today, in-person and virtual conversations are basically inseparable, with digital content extending the life of physical experience; moreover, tomorrow’s journalists are the perfect means to capture the present and future of any event topic. And that’s the two-fold truth we set out to demonstrate with SMW’s first Press Corps.

When OpenCommunications CEO Andy Morris and I attended a planning event for SMW back in December, we thought: “Hey, with so many amazing people speaking, let’s capture their thoughts via the minds of aspiring journalists.” 

And off we went. (For Andy’s post kicking off the SMW/OpenCommunications Press Corps, click here.)

In addition to Brittany and Joe (both seniors at New York University) and Oghene (a student at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism), our Press Corps consisted of:

So, we are sending a huge thank you to our amazing cast of writers, who are helping to keep SMW NYC alive through what we all hold so dearly: digital content. As such, the second post in this series highlights some of the journalists’ favorite topics and other ideas.

Sally O’Dowd, a contributor to the SMW blog,  is chief of strategy at OpenCommunications, a PR and digital content firm based in New York. Follow her on Twitter @sallyodowd and the company @OpenCommsOmni. OpenCommunications CEO can be followed @andymorris.

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