If You Fall Asleep During Your Uber Ride, You Might Pay $908 Like This Guy Did


This article was originally published on FOX Sports by Lori Kelly

Getting crushed by an unforeseen Uber bill can be terrifying. Especially on New Year’s Eve with surge pricing soaring. But chances are Joseph Martin had a more painful New Year’s Eve than you or anyone else who took Uber that night. An Ole Miss fan and alum, he was in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl with his family.

The disastrous loss to TCU would have been bad enough, but later that night Joseph fell asleep in an Uber on the way to an after party and woke up in Alabama, en route to a home address in Mississippi. With rumors of his $ 908 tab circulating virally on social media Joseph contacted Outkick to get the whole story out there.


Here’s what happened in his own words:

“My family and I left as soon as TCU scored after halftime. I started with mimosas that morning, and we really didn’t stop all day. I was with my sister Hannah all day, and she went to a NYE party with me and a few friends. When I left the party, me and a few other people took my sister back to the hotel because she had a flight the next day. I walked my sister up to the room and came back to the Uber. Once I got back, I asked the other members of the car what the address of the after party was that we were supposed to be going to. They said they had already given it to the driver and he confirmed.

Let me go ahead and say that I didn’t come out of the party trashed and put my Mississippi address in the system and get a ride home. It was one of the other members of the car that talked to the driver. I assumed they knew the address of the party, which was only about 8-10 miles away.

I may have dozed off for a bit. My phone woke me up and I didn’t realize we had been driving for about an hour and a half. The other three people in the car were also asleep. I woke one of them up and asked where we were going and what address she gave the driver. She told me and the driver the address and when he looked at his phone they didn’t match up… obviously.

I didn’t take an Uber across two states. I took an Uber across one state line twice.”

And that’s how Joseph Martin spent his Christmas bonus on an Uber ride from Georgia to Alabama and back. Joseph says Uber has since been very helpful with the whole ordeal, and he wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again.

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