Ideas Matter: Prezi and


At Prezi, we believe that the free exchange of ideas can change the world.  It’s in our DNA, it’s a modus operandi that guides our development.  We are constantly striving to help people share their stories and to promote greater understanding.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new kind of media organization, 

Syria Deeply is an information hub for all things related to the current Syrian crisis. It is a collaboration of journalists and technologists from across the world, coming together to create a deeper news experience than the typical lede, bleed, and proceed.

For over two years, Syria has been marred by a vicious internal conflict that has left millions disrupted, displaced, or dead.  Recently, the Assad regime censored the internet in Syria to limit communication. 


Syria Deeply was created by Lara Setrakian-  a journalist for Bloomberg and ABC who paused her career as a Middle-East correspondent to build and launch the project.  Lara says:  “Our goal is to bridge journalism and technology, education and foreign policy, by reshaping the way we create and deliver the story.”

Prezi is thrilled to be an official technology partner in the courageous and innovative endeavor.