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I guess Lyft has moved into its new headquarters


lyft-secretsHey, 2300 Harrison, do you even Lyft?

Late last year it was reported that ride-sharing service Lyft (that’s the one not run by a Randroid sociopath) had signed a lease on a new 65,000sq ft San Francisco headquarters on the corner of 19th and Harrison.

When Bisnow first reported the move back in November it wasn’t clear when Lyft would take possession of the building — but yesterday I saw some pretty clear evidence that they’re in.

Walking past the building at lunchtime I noticed a giant Lyft-pink foam ceiling had been installed, and two mustachioed cars were parked out front.

But the real proof was written on this envelope I spotted through the window…


There aren’t many companies that keep a supply of “100 stick-on mustaches” close at hand.

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]