‘I Can’t Recognize Everyone Anymore’: Life at a Fast-Growing Startup




Early employees are the backbone of most startups. They buy their own desks, they establish the culture, they interview future hires and they maintain the culture as the company grows. They jump on the proverbial rocket ship and work, work, work — fueled by passion, ambition, coffee, free snacks and the good stuff in the kegerator. Thus far in our series The First 100, we’ve introduced you to hires 1 through 90 at various startups. Here’s a smattering of the companies we’ve included:

1-10 — Reddit, Barkbox, Groupon, Quirky
11-20 — Github, Squarespace, Buzzfeed, Plated
21-30 — Tumblr, Etsy, RunKeeper, Zillow
31-40 — Popsugar, Thrillist, Shapeways, Chartbeat
41-50 — Fitbit, Vimeo, Indeed
51-60 — Equinox, Eventbrite, Meetup
61-70 — Airbnb, Vevo, Gazelle, Rent the Runway
71-80 — Pinterest, Clif, Birchbox
81-90 — Gilt, Soundcloud, Stitchfix Read more…

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