Hulk Hogan Hypes WWE 2K15 Game, Talks Legacy Of Ultimate Warrior


image has a new interview with Hulk Hogan to promote the newly-released WWE 2K15 Path of Warrior DLC pack.

WWE has a new interview with Hulk Hogan to promote the newly-released WWE 2K15 Path of Warrior DLC pack.

Hogan talked about the evolution of video games, how great this pack is for Ultimate Warrior fans to relive, classic Warrior moments, the biggest challenge in Warrior’s DLC mode, and more. Here are some highlights:

Hulk Hogan talks WWE 2K15, who he’d like fans to pit him against:

“Yeah, I love it when everybody tells me on my Twitter that they match me up against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and I beat him every time. I think that’s cool.”

Which WWE Legend will challenge fans the most?

“Well, I think Rick Rude was never given his due. And I know the Warrior got the best of Rick Rude, but I think when it comes down to the gamers, they’re going to find out that Rick Rude is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I think it’s going to be the Warrior’s biggest challenge, to tell you the truth. They were so similar and so much alike, but I actually think that Rick Rude was stronger in some aspects. Apparently, no one in the dressing room could beat him at arm wrestling. So, you carry that into the ring and lock up with Rick Rude, and you’re definitely going to have a tough day at the office.”

What will fans take from classic Warrior moments in the game?

“I think they’re going to realize how great the Warrior was and how great the Warrior is in all of our minds. And I think what they’re going to realize through the game with Warrior is that if Warrior was still with us, he could have remained great into the future, even in the ring. His days were not numbered in the ring. He still had a bright future ahead of him.”

What did Ultimate Warrior mean to Hogan?

“Yeah, he was amazing. He was one of the greatest WWE Superstars I ever wrestled. And this has nothing to do with what went down in the ring, but I learned to love him as a person very, very much. I was just so happy that we were on the same page before he passed away, and I think about him every day. This business is part of me, and I just cherish the moments I had with him.”

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