HP Debuts Four New All-in-One Windows 8 Desktops [PICS]


Hewlett-Packard unveiled four all-in-one PCs on Monday, most notably the super-slim SpectreOne.

Interestingly though, while HP is known for its TouchSmart line of devices, the SpectreOne is not a touchscreen. At just 11.5-mm thin, however, it is the company’s slimmest all-in-one PC. A spokesperson told Mashable that the desktop is not touch because HP wanted to focus on the thinness of the panel.

With a 23.6-inch flush-glass full HD display and a curved back, the SpectreOne is equally sleek. It features a wireless trackpad with multi-touch technology (a la Apple), so users can easily scroll, swipe and tap through Windows 8‘s tile-based user interface.

The SpectreOne includes an…
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