How You Can Make Your Weekends More Awesome


What’s the research have to say about making Friday through Sunday that much better? According to Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert’s bestselling book Stumbling on Happiness, we first need to remember what makes us truly happy:

“Much of our unhappiness springs from the fact that we’re terrible at accurately remembering how things made us feel in the past, so we make bad choices regarding the future…We overestimate how happy we will be on our birthdays, we underestimate how happy we will be on Monday mornings, and we make these mundane but erroneous predictions again and again, despite their regular disconfirmation.”

How many times have you realized it’s Sunday night and wondered where your weekend went? Don’t let this happen to you ever again, with Superhero’s tips for having your best weekend ever.

1. Plan it out.

The key to having a satisfying weekend is to plan it out. Select 3 to 5 activities you’d like to do, and plan when you’re going to do them, whether it’s dinner with a friend or just taking a nap. Planning will ease the stress of trying to get a table on Saturday night – plus, anticipation is half the fun anyway.

2. Skip the chores.

Your chores will take up as much time as you allot for them, even if they should be quick and easy. If you can, space out your chores during the week. Not an option? Limit them to an hour or two on one day, so you have at least one full day off to relax.

3. Stay healthy.

Contrary to popular belief, that 500-calorie piña colada doesn’t magically get healthier on Saturday night. While you can indulge on occasion, don’t drink, eat or sleep in excess just because it’s the weekend. You’ll undo the hard work you put in over the week and nurse a major hangover on Sunday – not productive.

4. Be happy.

After sex, eating and relaxing, one study found that exercise, socializing, and participating in spiritual activities made people the happiest. If you can, do all of these activities this weekend. Not the religious type? Meditation or some soul-searching like yoga counts as spiritual activity too.

5. Keep some free time.

While having some plans each weekend is great, don’t overexert yourself. Make sure you have ample ‘chill’ so you can relax and recharge for the week ahead.

6. Plan your week.

Don’t spend Sunday nights wallowing because the weekend’s almost over. Instead, make a list of things you want to accomplish in the next week, and make sure you actually do them. Creating a list helps you look forward to the week ahead and gives you some control over your life.

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