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How Will Facebook’s 2014 Overhaul Of Its Campaign Structure Affect Advertisers?


CampaignStructureUpdateFacebook’s efforts to simplify its advertising offerings will kick into high gear in 2014, as the social network will introduce a complete overhaul of its campaign structure, which will include revamps of its Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager, and Power Editor, the social network announced in a post on its developer blog, after recently revealing the details to its Preferred Marketing Developers.

When the update is rolled out, Facebook said in its developer blog post that advertisers will be able to:

  • Specify a campaign objective to make all of its ads serve that objective, and to improve optimization and reporting.
  • Use multiple ad sets, each with their own budget and schedule controls, to optimize spend and delivery within each audience segment or placement.
  • Get better control and aggregate stats, including total reach, at the campaign level.

The changes will also carry over to third-party client-facing ad interfaces built by PMDs, Facebook Exchange partners, and Mobile Measurement Partners.

The social network stressed in the blog post that none of these changes will be enacted in 2013.

Blink Vice President of Planning and Media Eti Suruzon explained that the upcoming changes are aimed at more efficient campaign management, saying that Facebook is basically adding an “ad set” layer between its campaign and ads layers, and adding that similar processes are already used by some third-party advertising tools.

She added that she expects the revamped campaign structure to benefit advertisers working with Ads Manager and Power Editor, particularly small businesses.

Readers: Are you curious to see how the process of advertising on Facebook will be different once these changes are implemented?

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