How Whole Foods Has Commandeered Tumblr


How Whole Foods Has Commandeered Tumblr image wholefoodsLogo1 300x194I have written a few times about brands that are really good at sharing their content on social media – including Sesame Street and Denny’s Restaurant. Let’s take a closer look at another brand that makes stellar use of Tumblr for content delivery: Whole Foods.

Reaching the Niche With Dark Rye Magazine

Dark Rye Magazine is Whole Foods’ online magazine. The magazine provides a number of features that appeal to fans of the Whole Foods Market. According to the magazine’s website, you can explore Dark Rye to find recipes from all over the world, accompanied by beautiful photos of the foods you can make with wholesome and sustainably produced ingredients.

Dark Rye is also host to recipes for cocktails, recommendations for craft beers, craft ideas using natural materials, instructive videos, and more. Dark Rye Magazine is a one-stop shop for fans of Whole Foods who have a commitment to food and sustainability with a creative twist.

What About Tumblr?

Dark Rye has a website, but also hosts an analogous Tumblr blog. This is a smart move on the part of Whole Foods for a couple of reasons. The first, of course, is that having multiple venues for content is a great way to reach a wider audience. Tumblr users who may not otherwise be keeping up with Dark Rye are much more likely to follow the online magazine’s blog more casually when it is on this blogging site.

The second reason is that sharing content on Tumblr also gives Dark Rye the opportunity to interact with fans. By participating in Tumblr culture through reposting pictures and other content posted by consumers, the Dark Rye Tumblr is not only engaging more casual readers. Through the very nature of this popular blogging platform, Dark Rye Magazine is able to reach more potential fans. The team behind the well-known Whole Foods magazine prioritizes social media for online word-of-mouth sharing, and in this way, Dark Rye not only reaches its own niche but also the online world at large.

What makes this brand’s Tumblr truly special, however, is simply how attractive it is. The layout is simple, clean, and incorporates a clear mix of original and shared content. Check it out:

How Whole Foods Has Commandeered Tumblr image darkrye 300x135

How can your brand mix up its content curation strategy?

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