How to Turn a New Follower into a Fan for Life


If you want to take those curious new followers on social media and turn them into engaged fans for life, you’re going to have to work at it. The trip from “I casually saw one of your posts,” to “I now follow your every post!” can be a long one. The payoff is having someone who routinely engages with your brand story: and that can be priceless.

Here are five things that you can do to turn that first like, share, or retweet, into a lifelong fan.

Cater the content to the social media platform you’re using

Each social media platform offers different features to users, that’s why they succeed. Use the unique elements of each one to truly engage with those new followers:

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest require engaging visual content. According to Social Bakers, Facebook posts alone get 93-96% more attention with images.
  • LinkedIn works best in a B2B setting, and with longer professional content. This is where you break out those studies that take time to read, and that offer some deep insights.
  • Twitter offers a freer environment, and encourages commentary in the moment. Use the medium’s self obsession to create Twitter selfie campaigns for your business.
  • YouTube is, of course, best with video content. That video content is best with a consistent spokesperson talking to the camera who can build relationships with viewers.

Trying to be serious and long form on Twitter will lead to you being ignored. If you goof off on LinkedIn you will be unfollowed. If you have a different host every week on YouTube your fans will not engage properly. Each social media platform has unique attributes that you must cater to if you want to truly engage those new followers, and have them become lifelong brand loyalists.

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Have giveaways and special promotions regularly

Not only is this the type of content that will get new followers to perk up and pay attention to you, but it is also the type of content that finds new followers as your current fans hit the Share button.

This comes from the fact that the best social media marketing is about adding value to people’s lives. When followers see that they have the chance to help their friends save money they’re all the more eager to share it – adding value to their friend’s social media account and life.

A Nielsen study on Twitter found that people follow business accounts on the platform 52% of the time to be notified of promotions and specials. Give the people what they want and they’ll reward you by sharing your content, and paying attention to your brand story. Check out how it’s done on YouTube:

Have a consistent posting schedule

How to Turn a New Follower into a Fan for Life image Screen Shot 2014 08 07 at 10.22.39 AMLong delays between posts leads to more chances that followers, especially new ones, will forget you. Accounts which are ignored for a week, or as few as three days on Twitter, can be quickly forgotten as people move on quickly to the next popular account.

On the other side of things, posting too frequently will get you unfollowed, or unliked, even quicker. Feed flooding is a common problem with over-anxious businesses who want to be on the minds of their followers ALL THE TIME. Instead, these followers tune out, and drop out of the brand story.

How to Turn a New Follower into a Fan for Life image Screen Shot 2014 08 07 at 10.18.56 AMStay consistent with a scheduling tool

Everyone has posts that are spontaneous and engaging in a conversation, but you will also need posts that form the basis of your social media marketing plan. The go to tool for this purpose on Twitter and Facebook is Hootsuite. You can sit down and plan out the content you’ll send out, and schedule it for later.

Talk to your new fans

Social media marketers can not forget the ‘social’ part of the phrase ‘social media.’ Have a one on one conversations with your new fans to help welcome them and let them know that you want them to be a part of your brand story. Here’s a very simple an effective example:

Not only will this increase brand loyalty, but it can also show that you’re open to handling customer complaints on your social media page. As long as you’re ready to do it in a professional manner, your social media can become a place for more than just building loyalty to your brand.

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