How To Time Your Tweets To The Minute


Mastery of tweets is an art form. First, you have to pick the piece of content, craft the copy, create the call to action, and then schedule or send it off.

Much research has been conducted on the intricacies of scheduling tweets, in search of the ideal time, the Tweet sweet spot.  Knowing when your audience is online and ready to engage is essentially like having the keys to the kingdom.

A recent study revealed higher engagement by timing Tweets to coincide with the flow of an every day business meeting. There are spikes in engagement towards the end of typical meeting times. Attention begins to wane… minds begin to wander… fingers begin to browse.

For example, on the 28th and 56th minute of the hour, there are significant engagement peaks. If you entered a meeting at the beginning of an hour or half-hour, those would be prime times for your meeting to wind down and your attention to wander.

You want to be online when your audience is online, and give them content when they’re more likely to read it. If your audience is primarily business professionals and digital marketers, then you can assume they’re online frequently during the day. Data is nothing without context, and that context can only come from understanding your audience. Find your audience, and engage with them when they are around.

Social Media Week