How to Keep Your Social Media Pages Fresh


We, as social media managers, tend to start off on a high-note when beginning to manage a client’s social media pages. Then, around month five or six we start to notice we’re posting the same stuff over and over again. How can you break out of this rut? Here are five tips to get those creative juices flowing and remind you that social media is supposed to be fun, quirky, interesting and free.

1. Brand your own content

Nothing says, we’re legit, like images that have your logo on them. Just make sure that you actually own the images before you do it. A personal favorite of mine is branded quotes. Every industry has a set of quotes that are repeated all the time. Why not make them your own instead of just using someone else’s Pinterest content? If you have a graphic designer on hand, have him or her to create some images for sharing purposes. Here’s an example of an image The Abbi Agency created for Davidson’s Organics.

How to Keep Your Social Media Pages Fresh image bernard blue 300x300

2. Share other people’s content

It’s not all about you! Find out what your colleagues are trying to communicate and help them do it. Not only is this an easy way to discover new content to post, it also shows that you enjoy helping others without any hope of reward. Doing this will almost always make them pay more attention to what you’re posting. It’s a win-win.

3. Share the inside scoop on what’s happening

Evergreen content is great. You can queue it up and not worry about what time or day it posts. But, the most often shared content is the spur-of-the-moment, unplanned, this-is-what’s-going-on-right-this-instant post. Did your coworker just say something funny? Is something interesting going on in the office? Out in the field? Snap a photo and share it. The quality doesn’t matter. Fans enjoy having that inside peek into your world and it helps them feel more connected to you.

4. Say it, don’t write it

If it takes your more then a sentence or two to communicate the message, try video-taping yourself or a fellow coworker instead of writing it down. People are far more likely to watch a 20 second video of you explaining what’s going on than read an entire paragraph of text.

5. Be silly, joke around

It’s okay to be serious on social media but you definitely want to remember to have fun as well. We’re human, we like to laugh and as social media followers, we want to get a sense of your personality. Find an appropriate way to do this. In some cases, you might be able to push the envelope a little farther than with other orgs/companies, but either way, it will help your engagement go up. A favorite example of mine is from when the social media manager from Newcastle Brown Ale took a picture of his frowning face and posted that people should feel sorry for him because he has to work on Christmas day. Also notice that the image is branded!

How to Keep Your Social Media Pages Fresh image newcastle

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