How to Integrate Video into Your Facebook Marketing


How to Integrate Video into Your Facebook Marketing

Social-media analytics company Socialbakers recently conducted a study concluding that photos perform most poorly among any other update on Facebook. Facebook’s latest algorithm update is likely in response to two things: perhaps a back-handed response to page owners trying to game the system by constantly posting photos, or moreso a push aligning with Facebook’s shift toward video in recent months.

As noted by Business Insider, “The Socialbakers data, which covered 4,445 brand pages and more than 670,000 posts between October 2014 and February 2015, shows that video is now the most effective way to reach users in Facebook’s News Feed, driving more than twice as much reach as photo posts.”

Photos had the lowest organic reach with an average of just three out of every 100 (3.7%) page fans seeing a photo post. Contrarily, videos garnered an average organic reach of 8.7%. Link and text-only posts follow with organic reach averages of 5.3% and 5.8% respectively.

What does this means for brands in the hospitality industry? It means your Facebook strategy needs to change. While photos tend to be a key selling point when it comes to travel or restaurants, it may now be time for hotels and eateries to consider investing in tools and programs to enhance their video presence.

That said, videos can also be done very simply. Not having integrative video capabilities shouldn’t prohibit you from moving forward with highlighting ways to work video into the mix now. In fact, many have already started.

For Valentine’s Day, Hotel Irvine in Orange County, CA, got some of their staff together to create a video. At just 17 seconds, the video is short and sweet, but conveys an excitement and authenticity that cannot be displayed to the same degree in a static photo.

Post by Hotel Irvine.

It’s also evident, in looking at the number of “likes” received on the video, that the video was likely more seen than the previous posts that just contained photos – it received over twice the average number of interaction that the posts surrounding it received.

Always setting a high bar in the hotel sphere, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is already setting an example of what can be done with more complex resources. With the caption, “Discover Central Florida’s only resort to receive the coveted AAA Five Diamond Award and enjoy the magic like never before with these special Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort offers,” Four Seasons shared a video that showcases the various array of experiences available at their Orlando resort.

Post by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Getting to see the resort in action, with a lit-up firepit; a couple enjoying fireworks; and a family rolling down a pool in rafts, the audience is able to truly experience what it would be like to visit the resort. While photos can also offer an idea, this video really helps drive it home.

On the restaurant side, Wolfgang Puck was able to capture a simple visitor while serving at the highly-acclaimed Governors Ball party following the Academy Awards this past Sunday.

Post by Wolfgang Puck.

We’re able to get a grasp of the energy in the room as well as the expansive culinary team involved in putting the evening together. Again, this is something that can’t be relayed as significantly via a photo. Note this was also a simple video – no edits, dull lighting. Although they’re a major, luxury brand, there still comes a layer of humanization with keeping things simple and timely.

Wondering what kinds of things may make good video content? Here are a few ideas:

  • Interviews with guests. Whether a hotel or restaurant, chat with guests and garner some insight into what they think of your venue. That first-hand, live review would likely speak louder than one written on Yelp or TripAdvisor.
  • Interviews with staff. For restaurants, interview your Chef about a seasonal dish, wine pairing, or unique ingredients.
  • Special events. This can range from simple things like holidays (such as the Hotel Irvine example) to more exclusive parties like the Oscars event.
  • Showcase what you offer. This is what Four Seasons accomplished well in their video. You already have an amazing product – show it in a way that’s never been done before, and let your audience truly experience what it’s like to be there.
  • Wacky holidays. Did you know there’s a day dedicated to cupcakes? There are a variety if illegitimate holidays that tend to be really fun, and a lot tend to be food and beverage related. If there’s a day highlighting wines, for example, maybe that’s a good time to video a brief conversation with your sommelier about his current top picks.

It’s likely we’ll continue to see use of video content on Facebook only continue to rise. How do you plan to integrate it into your Facebook marketing strategy?

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