How to Impact Conversions with Rich Media


Being a CrazyEgg fan, you already know your landing page is one of the most powerful tools you have to increase high-quality conversions.

It matches your message to the exact audience that should be exposed to it. And it takes virtual strangers, people who may know nothing about your product or services, and turns them into warm prospects, people who may be willing to try your product. All because you’ve shown them how your product can change their lives.

But landing pages convert at different rates from one another, even when targeting the same crowd.

A study of thousands of AdWords accounts shows that about a fourth have less than than 1% conversion rates, but the top fourth has more than twice that, with over 5% conversion. Additionally, some have skyrocketing conversion rates, with over 10% (via Wordstream). So what sets the high achievers apart from the rest?

The team behind the Adwords study wanted to find out, so they edited landing pages and analyzed conversion rates before and after their changes. They saw noticeable increases in conversion rates; however, they found not all changes are created equally.

In fact, many changes that can initially boost conversion rates aren’t long lasting, and the rates will level out over time. So what does create long-term increases in high-quality leads? Rich media landing pages.


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Creating rich media landing pages strengthens your conversions via purchases, subscriptions, registrations, and downloads. But why is rich media so powerful and how does it increase conversions?

Rich media focuses and engages viewers

When you land on a new website, your eyes naturally move around the page, depending on the site’s design. Often, there are multiple areas of focus created through negative space, text blocks and font, photos, ads, headlines, and more.

It’s possible to tweak your visitor’s viewing experience through better design. (And you should!) Strategizing your site’s design is not to be taken lightly—landing page optimization results in three to five times the conversion rate and improves lead quality.

However, even the best designed sites can confuse and lose viewers because their media is static. In contrast, rich media allows you to precisely control your visitors’ focus.

Consider this: Where does your eye travel to, a static image or moving graphics and videos? Obviously what moves will catch our eye naturally, but the stats on just how much this affects conversion are surprising.

According to EyeViewDigital, videos on landing pages can improve conversion rates by up to 80%. So, integrating a combination of moving images in the form of videos, slideshows, and presentations will not only immediately attract and sustain viewers’ attention but also engage to lead to conversions.


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Rich media landing pages are memorable

On average, 96% of the people who visit a website will leave without ever converting to a lead or sale. So how do you become one of the small percentage that grabs a visitor? It’s about first impressions. You need to stand out so visitors remember your brand and message.

If your landing page looks like everyone else’s, or if you offer the same coupon, discount, free trial or consultation everyone else in your business does, there is no incentive or reason for a visitor to choose you over your competition.

However, if you package your offer in a way that stands out, a visitor is more likely to pick your company, even if you offer the exact same free trial or discount offer as another company. In other words, the same message in different packaging makes all the difference.

Engaging your viewer with rich media can increase brand awareness and message association, helping you stay in the minds of your viewers and stand out to get the conversion.

Rich media leads to a more targeted landing page

Analytics and user testing is your most powerful ally when it comes to targeting your visitors, because they tell you what’s working and what’s not. The effect of analytics cannot be ignored: Steelhouse found that using correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent (via AdPushUp).

However, user testing, while highly beneficial, is not always practical, and many companies find themselves slacking on tests. Brian Eisenberg found over 60% of companies carry out fewer than five tests every month.


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The good news is that rich media ads offer you an easy route to enhanced analytics. On a typical page you can only gather information about the activity of your visitors on the site, but by adding different types of media—like videos and presentations—you can understand not only where they travel on the site, but what they engage with and for how long.

Additionally, media with outbound links adds further tracking. Through this, you can better target your landing page and remarket to visitors who didn’t convert.

Companies’ satisfaction with their conversion rate has been decreasing in the last four years, and today, less than a quarter of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. If you haven’t tried it still, maybe now is an optimal time to start.

It’s true that the media on the landing page isn’t the only thing that matters. You should invest great thinking in your copywriting, in your branding and in your overall user-experience. You should remember to keep it simple (stupid!) and being as minimalistic as possible.

I believe that it’s all about testing. For instance, if we had to produce a brand new landing page out of scratch, it would probably have two variations; one with a short slideshow or video, and one with plain text.

The Bottom Line

A/B testing today is considered to be the bread and butter of a successful lead generation campaign because not all products and audiences are aligned with the same way of thinking.

Try the best media you think will work on your LP and update us in the comments!

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