How To Haggle For a Car [Infographic]


How To Haggle For a Car [Infographic] image how to haggle a car 1

According to data from Sainsbury’s bank, 3.2 million new cars will be bought between March and August this year with £16,771 being the amount we intend to spend. To get the very best price for your car surveys show you should be a man living in the Midlands, and probably past middle age.  So if you don’t fit this criteria, what can you do?

Before even setting foot on a garage forecourt, do a lot of research. Look at manufacturers’ websites and decide on the makes you are interested in. Always check to see if there are any special deals or discounts available, then browse the price comparison websites to get an idea of what the average price should be. Set this as the limit to which you will go. If you are thinking of trading in your old model, know what your car is worth, then make a list of dealers and sellers to visit.

If possible try and visit showrooms towards the end of the month, as salesmen have targets to meet and may be more likely to be willing to haggle. Ask it they will match any discounts you have seen online or in other showrooms. Be aware that they will try and offer a trade price for your old car so consider selling your privately. Ask for extras, such as alloy wheels, air conditioning or even free mats and mud flaps, as all of these will add to your savings. If you are taking out finance ask the dealer if he is willing to offer a discount as they can often offset their commission from the finance lender against money or extra equipment.

Should negotiations break down, remember there are always other dealers and sellers to try, so stay calm and try to haggle another day!


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