How to Grow Your Brand by Partnering with Non-Profits


Plus, there are plenty of other benefits to partnering with a nonprofit, such as tax breaks, better employee morale, and a better business reputation. If you’re interested in learning how to grow your brand by partnering with a nonprofit, take a look at these four ways to make the partnership a success.

Choose a Non-Profit Organization Aligned with Your Business Values & Goals

Partnering with Non-Profit Organization

There are thousands of non-profit organizations that need the support of for profit businesses to stay in operation. However, make sure you choose to partner with one that shares the same beliefs and values as your business. For instance, you wouldn’t want to associate your business with a non-profit that supports a controversial political cause that is not directly related to your business. Doing so could alienate potential clients who have opposing political views. Make sure to do your research to truly understand what your business would be supporting.

Additionally, think beyond business values. Look for nonprofits that share similar interests. For instance, retail stores are the perfect match for nonprofits that donate clothing to the needy and grocery stores can easily benefit from a relationship with food shelters.

If you can’t easily think of a nonprofit that would align with your business goals and values, then think in terms of the way customers think. The best nonprofits to partner with are those that help the needy and have no controversial values or beliefs. Most people have a soft spot for children and people with medical illnesses because these are social issues out of the control of the people involved. Of course, this doesn’t mean that political non-profits are out of the question, you just need to carefully consider the pros and cons of each no-profit partnership.

Two of the most popular kinds of nonprofits to support are organizations that do medical research and local charities that help the homeless or endangered youth. This is because people are more willing to donate to nonprofits that may affect their lives in the future, or the lives of their family. By choosing to partner with one of these types of nonprofits, your business can grow in terms of exposure, reputation, and profits.

Get Your Customers Involved with the Non-profit

One major reason that businesses don’t like to partner with non-profits is the cost. Oftentimes, simply means donating money, which means lost profits. However, you can offset the costs by getting your customers involved. For instance, you can ask customers to make a donation along with their purchase and then promise that your business will match any amount donated to the nonprofit, instead of simply making a large donation yourself. This could potentially yield a larger contribution as well, so you both win.

You can also support nonprofits in ways other than donating money. For instance, you can encourage your employees and customers to volunteer. Then, give small rewards for their efforts, such as loyalty points, coupons, and more. Just remember that even though partnering with a nonprofit will cost you money upfront, you will see an increase in sales and profits because of it. Sometimes you have to look beyond the initial monetary investment and weigh all the other benefits of partnering with a nonprofit.

Host an Event in Honor of Your Nonprofit Partnership

Nonprofit Event

You can raise awareness for your own business and a nonprofit by hosting an event. People are more likely to donate to a nonprofit while attending an event than at any other time of the year. Events like these create a sense of urgency, especially if there is a dollar amount goal and a deadline. Most nonprofits don’t have the means to continue operation past three years, and many don’t have enough money for the coming year. As a business, you can use this need to your advantage and gain more customers in a short amount of time.

Hosting a live event or participating in a trade show is a great way to help a nonprofit. You can spread the word that you’re supporting a good cause with custom pencils. Everyone likes free swag, and these promo pencils will be a frequent reminder of your partnership with a non-profit. This will help word-of-mouth marketing even when your event is over.

Your business doesn’t have to host a live event, either. You can simply create an online event and promote it through ads and other forms of media. This is a more effective business strategy anyway, because you can reach a larger number of people. Additionally, people are more likely to share news about your business through social media during the time you are hosting an event for a nonprofit when you do it online. This means more exposure for your business and you’re helping a nonprofit at the same time.

Create Relationships with Non-Profits that Go Deeper than Donations

Donating money to a nonprofit is the easiest way to form a partnership. However, non-profit sponsors can do so much more. For instance, your business can be a consultant for a non-profit organization to help it operate more efficiently. Your business can also share resources, such as allowing a nonprofit to operate in your office or outside your building. If your biggest concern about partnering with a non-profit organization is the cost, you can look for other ways to form a relationship and build your brand.

Partnering with a non-profit brings more customers to your business because your customers help you spread the word. Additionally, people who already support a nonprofit will see that your business is helping out, and want to learn more about what your business sells or does. The more exposure you can get, the faster your business will grow. There are lots of ways to get more customers, but partnering with a nonprofit is one of the fastest and best routes.

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