How To Grow Followers In Literally, One Day


How To Grow Followers In Literally, One Day image Grow twitter followersSo…is it possible to grow your followers in one day? Depends on how you define growth really. 1 new follower can be seen as growth or maybe it’s 50. Let me clear that up real quick. This is a story about how I  more than doubled my twitter followers in literally (what felt like) one day.

Here’s a little backstory about me and my distant relationship with Twitter. I created my account back in ‘08 and never used it. I didn’t understand it. How we currently use the  “@” and “#” was all new to me back then. It felt like learning a foreign language and I just didn’t have the time. Lucky for me I scored my name as my handle @kellykranz. Of Course I had no idea if that was good or not.

As of 2010 I started working in the field of internet marketing.  The field is vast and educational materials are everywhere. I must have consumed at least 500 ebooks my first year. And while I learned a lot about Twitter I only used it for business accounts and not my personal account.

Fast forward to 2014. My Twitter account still has the same 50 followers I had when I started. Not only is this embarrassing to me but … no it is just EXTREMELY embarrassing. How can I sit here and write about best inbound marketing and social media practices when my own Twitter account has zero reflection of what I preach. I decided to fix this and fix it fast.

Time. Time is something I am very short on and to find the time to pop over to Twitter to tweet was not something I was used to. So I started out with what I could fit into my schedule, and that is bulk scheduling with tools like Hootsuite or HubSpot’s social inbox. First I sat myself down and had a little self chat. I decided that realistically I could dedicate myself to twitter for 2 weeks, after the 2 weeks I would see if what I did worked and adjust what I was doing if need be.

Like I mentioned, I started to schedule my tweets in bulk. I scheduled about 10 tweets each day. I did my scheduling the day of, this was to keep my tweets relevant with news and articles that published recently. I didn’t want to  schedule my tweets 2 weeks in advance and be sharing stale content 5 days in- thats no good for anyone.

My scheduled tweets were dedicated to sharing content. 70% of the tweets shared articles I found relevant and the other 30% shared articles published on our agency blog. Self promotion is tasteless if overdone but I think I found a nice balance.

Aside from the 10 scheduled tweets a day. I was active on Twitter during my lunch hour and after dinner. I made an effort to follow about 10 people each day, retweet others and tweet organically about what I was doing- you know the typical “what I had for dinner” tweet. I tried to do this everyday for 2 weeks.

What did I see from my efforts? I saw success, I grew followers.  My Twitter was living and breathing! It would help you to know that I started out with 50 followers and I was following about 40 people. At the end of my little Twitter program I had 200+ followers and I was following about 130 people. And while this goal may seem low for some, it was more than I was hoping to achieve with the moderate effort I was able to put forth.

My Bottom Line

Twitter is able to be tamed. Its a great platform for engagement and industry knowledge sharing. All you have to do is jump head first. From my twitter initiative I learned what worked for me and how much I was able to do. I encourage you to do the same, and while you are at it follow me @kellykranz.

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