How to Get People Talking About Your Store on Social Media



How to Get People Talking About Your Store on Social Media | Social Media TodayThe retail industry is suffering, people just aren’t going to physical stores as often as they used to do. In fact, Cyber Monday – the Monday after Thanksgiving – is quickly outpacing Black Friday for holiday sales.

Retailers are trying innovative ideas to bring customers into their stores – for example, promos like adding Nordstrom coupons to applications that customers can download on their smart phones are becoming more popular. But the biggest trend for retailers is engaging customers on social media sites. Here are some tips on how retail stores can capitalize on their social media audiences.

1. Link back to LinkedIn 

Because people are going to websites first, you want to embed the social media codes for buttons. You want to post links of your content that you’ve added to your social media accounts. Ask your customers who visit your website to add their content to your social media sites through a button.

2. Be creative 

You’ll be like every other retailer unless you write something off the wall and memorable. If something has been in the news – such as Donald Trump’s outrageous comments on the upcoming election – you can pick an angle no one mentions. For example, Donald Trump taking time from his outrageous campaigning to shop for clothes. Unique content is noticed and shared.

3. Put thought into your headline 

People love lists, that’s why you always see those Top 10 lists at the end of each year, and the headline is the first part of your story that people see. Even before social media, headlines were important, people didn’t read a story unless they liked the headline. That’s still the case today. Pick something catchy. For example, ‘Nordstrom’s Names Top Picks for Holiday Party Dresses’.

4. Pick the right sites 

If you’re a retailer, it won’t make much sense to post your stuff on a platform geared for engineers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram have specific audiences and content types, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which one is right for you can make all the difference.

5. Add pictures to your sites 

Videos and pictures are popular and shared often. You can say a lot in a picture that might be hard to mention in words. Retailers, especially, should consider using pictures and video content.

6. Give ideas to your customers 

People search on a number of topics and they almost always search for tips or tricks for something. You can be the fashion expert. For example, ‘eight tips to accessorize correctly’ is one type of tips articles you can post.

7. And the winner is… 

More and more retailers are looking to use social media for contests. You can have them visit a social media site or have them post a review to be entered.

8. We love feedback 

Retailers also always want people to review a store. They’ll have surveys on receipts – you can use these same surveys on review sites or on social media. Ask for reviews of purchases and when you get feedback, respond to both negative and positive thoughts.

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