How to Get Far More of Your Twitter Followers to Read Your Tweets


How to Get Far More of Your Twitter Followers to Read Your Tweets image twitter logoSeven in ten tweets receive no reaction from the Twitterverse whatsoever. That means only three out of ten tweets are actually accepted and carried on into the social media empire that is Twitter.

A study conducted by the media analytics company Sysomos revealed these startling statistics. If you want to reach out to your twitter followers and get them to actually respond or react in some way to your tweets then you are going to have to step up your game.

As with most things, content is king and Twitter is no different. Regardless of how many followers you have managed to acquire if people aren’t reading your tweets and re-tweeting them then your work is virtually useless. However, if your content is on point with your followers and the niche you are appeasing, you have a greater chance of seeing more activity from your tweets. How can you do this? Well, for starters you can invest some time doing research on your target audience. Learn what they like, don’t like, and what they respond to. You can do this easily with twitter’s analytics tool. Once you see what your audience likes you can then copy it. Obviously you don’t want to actually copy and paste, you need to develop your own content along the lines of what is marketable.

Also, don’t force your product or service down your follower’s throat. Tweets like “I can’t believe how great this plumbing service is, I could never have done it without them” really aren’t re-tweetable and they don’t offer your followers any new or interesting information. Avoid them. While you do want your product to be kept in the circle of information you share, it is more important to draw an audience to you and to share information they find valuable.

Establish yourself and be consistent. Consistence is the key to keeping people interested on Twitter or any other social media site. If you constantly share information that people value, you are more likely to be branded as a valuable person to re-tweet. Obviously, the more interesting the content the more people will read it. Once you find your niche, tweet on a daily basis or even more frequently. The key is to not tweet too much and overload your follower’s newsfeeds, because once again they will just skim over your content and not read it.

So remember these three things:

  • Valuable content
  • No sales pitch
  • Brand yourself & be consistent

If you can follow these three rules your tweets will be read more and you will see more traffic to your website.

Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical

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