How to Generate Qualified Leads Through LinkedIn


In this article we will focus on what LinkedIn has to offer for businesses and merchants that are looking for leads. We will not only focus on LinkedIn’s tools and functions available for companies and business.  In addition, we will try to draw out strategies to generate leads and to draft a potential plan to utilize and to make the most out of the tools and functions of LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Tools / Functions

1. Complete and Beef Up Your Profile

This is the very basic function of LinkedIn.  In fact, this is the very first set of fields that most users need to fill up. At this point, it is important that one should take time when filling up this portion. This may seem like a no-brainer but the rule of the thumb is complete your profile.

The first step in customizing your profile is by uploading a formal photo of yourself.  Then you will want to edit your LinkedIn URL to make sure that it shows your name and something in relation to your profession or company but never about your company along or anything vague.  Make sure that you also add your contact information which allows you to connect your LinkedIn profile to your Twitter account.

Going down is your Background Summary. Just like in your CV or resume, you will have to be creative in this section. Remember that you will have at most 30 seconds to sell yourself, your company, and your services.  We highly recommend that you add a link to your web site or blog at this portion.

Then complete the rest of your profile- your experience, education, and additional information. Check out also those that are recommended for you and be sure to fill those out, as well, to beef up your profile.

LinkedIn Profile

2. Grow Your Network

LinkedIn has various tools and functions for the purpose of growing your network. These are actually helpful in building out your leads list.

Connections: LinkedIn’s Connections, itself, has three sections that will serve specific functions and they never overlap – something that makes LinkedIn awesome in targeting quality potential leads. The “Keep in Touch” portion allows you to follow current clients, customers, and prospects.

My personal favourite is the “Add Connections” part which is one function that allows accurate targeting because it uses email addresses instead of any generic name of individuals or companies.  The “Find Alumni” is like a semi-Facebook because it brings back people from the past that will make great prospects and leads.

Groups: There are various ways that you can make use of LinkedIn Groups.  First of all, you choose to participate.  Then try to connect, as well, with mutual groups to possibly able to send out invitations.  Once joined, make it a habit to participate in discussions.

Skills:  In your profile, there is this Skills & Endorsements section.  Here, you don’t only advertise what you can do but you can also recommend others for their skills.  In return, you might be able to get recommendations that can be equivalent to a positive customer feedback.  This portion also allows your to celebrate the accomplishment and skills or endorsements made by others to you or to other companies.  As a matter of fact, this is where “meet and greet” happens.

LinkedIn Skills

3. Post an Update Daily

Unlike other social media networks, LinkedIn poses a more formal platform for its users.  This signify that you will have to post or to share updates that add value to your expertise instead of outrightly selling yourself and your company’s services or products.  When posting updates, relevance is key in addition to timing.

LinkedIn Updates also allow you to “Like” and to “Comment“.  Even though we still can’t incorporate emoticons into the updates posted, the ability to add links into the updates are more than enough to speak countless words of invitation in the world of lead prospecting.

Most importantly, when a connection of yours gains a new connection it brings you another potential lead and the story goes on and on.  It’s like an endless lead prospecting with LinkedIn Updates.

4. Keep Right

So far, we’ve just discussed what we see at the top, bottom, and left portions of LinkedIn.  Now, let’s see what’s in store for us at the right-hand portion of LinkedIn.  If you hover from top to bottom at this section, you will realize that there is nothing useless at this portion.

The sections like “People“, “Ads“, “Views“, “Groups“, and “Companies“, spell a whole lot of potential qualified leads and a vast pool of prospects.  So make sure that you check out this section regularly so you won’t miss any.

Now that you are already familiar with the tools and functions of LinkedIn, it’s now time to draft a plan on how to effectively use each of these tools.  This way, you won’t miss any of the tool or function.

Below is just a recommendation but we highly recommend that you also draft your own plan to ensure that what you have is relevant to your company’s vision and objectives.

S.P.I (Schedule, Plan, and Implement)

Monday – Since it’s the start of your work week, you might want to post a fresh update and start a new discussion in Groups you’ve joined.  Make sure that you have something new and never-before-seen topics, updates, or questions prepared for this day.

Tuesday – Make new Connections, join relevant Groups, and participate by answering questions, endorse connections, and commenting in other connection’s updates.

Wednesday – Call this your profile’s Spa Day. Update your profile by adding additional skills, apps, and DirectAds.

Thursday – Check if your past 3 days have gained you at least 5 new connections, leads, or prospects.  If yes, then plan out for Friday’s tasks.  Otherwise, repeat everything that you did from Monday to Tuesday.

Friday – Flashback Friday as it is, you might want to impress current and former leads and prospects by keeping in touch.

Saturday & Sunday – Unless you really work on weekends, you can leave these days off to allow your Monday to Friday tasks to generate output for next week.

Try to modify our recommended or sample plan. Pair that up with keen and regular check up of LinkedIn’s new tools every now and then.

And you’re on your way to getting a bottomless list of qualified leads.  Most importantly, don’t forget to install that Mobile App.