How to Find Relevant Subreddits for Your Business


subreddit relevance

subreddit relevance

There are dozens of ways  to benefit from reddit. From sourcing a creative content strategy to funneling leads from targeted advertising, reddit offers many opportunities for businesses.

Unfortunately, many businesses employ marketers or public relations practitioners who neglect vital elements of this particular platform. For example, some of the simply fail to understand the nature of subreddits.

However, since you’re reading this article, you’re on your way to learning proper reddiquette. If you’re new to reddit, I highly recommend visiting A 15 Actionable Tips Guide for New redditors.

Now, let’s jump in.

google search bar

Here’s reddit’s search bar:
reddits search bar

reddits search bar

Similar to Google’s search operators, reddit has its own suite of options to hone in on specific subreddits, users, domains, and more.

Think of reddit’s search like this:

We can use it to find out what’s relevant, timely, hot, and interesting to thousands upon thousands of communities ranging in size from 12 subscribers, to over four million subscribers.

But, hold your horses. I know you have a super-cool product you want to shine in front of all the subreddits, but chances are, they will not appreciate your gloating. Even though submitting a link to reddit seems like an amazingly simple process, it requires a lot of thought and planning.

Every subreddit has its own rules and moderators, unaffiliated with reddit as a company. They generally stress community values and strictly filter direct links or blatant promotion. This means the product or service you want to sell must be repackaged and tailored to these communities.

How do you repackage a product or service?

Let’s say we sell lawnmowers and we run a search for ‘lawnmower’ on reddit:

Filtering the information in these results will take a few tries to get used to weeding out potential. The subreddits with red arrows yield good potential for targeted advertising, such as a direct link in /r/lawnmowers, or a funny image in /r/funny about lawnmowers (which directs to our online lawnmower store).

Alternatively, in the red box we see a self-post in the /r/frugal subreddit. This means the link is just a text post that remains on reddit. It’s a discussion, specifically about push lawnmowers, and because of its popularity, we know this a topic that the general population of frugal-goers is interested in.  We have a number of options, such as tailoring content on our site – like a definitive guide to push lawnmowers – and advertising it in the frugal subreddit.

To show the sheer possibilities for businesses and services, here’s a rapid-fire list of relative opportunities:

  • Copyright Law – /r/legaladvice, /r/lawl, /r/copyright, /r/piracy, /r/explainlikeimfive, /r/music
  • Software as a Service – /r/geek, /r/jobs, /r/software, /r/startups, /r/entrepreneur, /r/datavisualization
  • Pizza – /r/random_acts_of_pizza, /r/pizza, /r/food, /r/foodporn, /r/pics, /r/funny, /r/TalesFromThePizzaGuy, /r/Cooking

Still doubting the potential that relevant subreddits exist? Okay, how about this one: an Amish furniture store. Country Lane Furniture is an active example of one that has a web presence, has active social media accounts, and has the potential to tap into reddit.

The woodworking subreddit is super relevant and might even be the best bet for a natural submission. Since the sidebar restricts direct links to online stores, the content should be tailored image or gallery of images uploaded to Imgur. The image can be a showcase of a recent handcrafted product or a step by step tutorial. Alternatively, they could advertise with a direct link to a tutorial page on their website as a means to:

  • Support reddit
  • Funnel traffic
  • Earn leads
  • Expand brand presence

The woodworking subreddit sits nicely around 66k+ subscribers, but the DIY subreddit is boasting over 400k. This could be an ideal time to cross-post.

Cross-posting is essentially posting the same link in two or more subreddits with the label, ‘X-POST’ before the title. This happens often when a link is relevant to multiple subreddits.  For example, a step by step guide to building a wooden gun cabinet would be excellent to submit to woodworking, DIY, and even the /r/guns subreddit.

Ultimately, finding proper and relevant subreddits decides how successful your advertising or creative content campaign will be.

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Jesse Aaron

This monthly Reddit column is contributed by Jesse Aaron. Jesse is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. In his spare time Jesse enjoys redditting, brewing beer (as you may have guessed), slowly learning Python, and reading (currently reading Infinite Jest). His biggest inspiration is the satisfaction of building something from scratch. While challenging and time consuming, the rewards are unmatched. +Jesse Aaron

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