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It’s been nearly 3 years that I’ve been a guest contributor for Maximize Social Business. In that time, we’ve focused heavily on driving traffic to your site from social media activity, dug deep into each of the main social networks, and looked at different tools to help measure and monitor your traffic.

In this post, we’re going to look back at some of the key takeaways that you can use to drive social media traffic to your website or blog.

8 ways to get more traffic with Twitter

Twitter consistently drives a good stream of traffic for us. With over 270 million active users, it’s no surprise that this social network continues to drives a ton of traffic.

Key Takeaway

It can be easy to get obsessed with how many users are following you and wanting to have thousands of followers. But it’s much better to have a targeted following who are genuinely interested in your brand (or you!) than having thousands who are, uninterested or in fact inactive. Leverage tools like to identify your most relevant followers so that the time you spend on Twitter is engaging with the right people. You can also use Hashtagify to identify the biggest influencers in your community. Once you identify them, you can try to get them to retweet you, which will help you not only grow your traffic, but also your influence.

Video Marketing: How to drive traffic from YouTube

52% of marketers now credit video as the type of content that generates them the best ROI. Not only is video content great for increasing engagement but marketers are seeing it as their top 3 most effective ways to drive social media traffic.

Key Takeaway

The timing of a video is crucial when it comes to video marketing.  You need to ensure that the first few seconds capture and engage your viewer, compelling them to watch to the end. Often this is where the calls to action are posted so it’s imperative to retain your viewer for the length of the video.  Take the time to look at your analytics as you can measure the performance of your video and track the viewers retention rate.

8 tips for getting more Facebook traffic

Facebook’s algorithms are making it much harder for brands to get results from Facebook, particularly without spending money on ads. However, with a little bit of creativity and effort Facebook is still a great social networking site to drive a lot of traffic.

Key Takeaway

Posting updates with links help drive traffic but ensure you mix them up with different types of content. Images can be particularly effective whilst generating lots of engagement. When boosting links make sure you check Facebook’s terms – you are only allowed a certain amount of text alongside a link in order for it to be boosted.

10 tips to generate more social media traffic from Google+

Google+ is a haven for content and we are seeing our traffic steadily increase from there, particularly as so many marketers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Facebook’s algorithim changes.

Key Takeaway

Google+ communities can be a great way to drive more social media traffic. Consider creating your own community as well as joining others. As with all groups it’s important you take the time to engage with others rather than simply broadcasting.   If you’re unsure of which communities to join Google+ has a “recommended for you tab” which is useful. Don’t be tempted to join communities that have thousands of users – as it doesn’t necessarily mean that they all will see your updates. Look for active and engaged communities.

10 ways to get more website traffic from LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn traffic has now overtaken Facebook and is quickly catching up with Twitter! But more importantly we are seeing that the traffic that comes from LinkedIn has a lower bounce rate and longer time on our site, therefore the quality of the traffic from LinkedIn is higher.

Key Takeaway

As with any social networking site it’s crucial you take the time to have a completed and good profile. Make sure you provide your website url’s and any blog RSS feeds. When editing your profile in LinkedIn you have the ability to customize your links. So, rather than leaving it as it is (i.e. website) consider writing the name of your website or blog or perhaps a call to action! You want to encourage users to click on your links.

How to drive traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest may be a less popular choice than the other social networks but it is still a worthwhile social network and can drive a good stream of traffic, particularly if you’re creating visual content.

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to generate traffic from Pinterest it’s important that you add calls to actions where you can. This could be on the image itself or within the description box. Make the most of hashtags so others can easily find them too. As people often delete the description when re-pinning always brand your images with your logo and url link.

10 top tips for using Slideshare to increase your social media traffic

Slideshare is a fantastic content marketing platform that lets you publish content to a large audience and is a great tool to drive traffic and brand awareness. You can even embed your presentations on other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and SunZu.

Key Takeaway

In order for your presentation to be found by other users and also appear higher up up on Google you need optimize your presentation with the relevant keywords in your title. Try to put the most relevant keywords at the start of the title as that increases your chances of people finding your content. As with video marketing when it comes to adding calls to action ensure your CTA’s aren’t left to the end of the presentation.

Which social media network is performing best for you in terms of traffic? Please do let us know in the comments!

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