How to Drive Quality Website Traffic From Facebook Groups

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How to Drive Quality Website Traffic From Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have exploded in popularity this year – so much so that Facebook even launched a stand-alone app for groups. People are spending more and more time in groups when on Facebook.

Groups are a great tool for you to use to connect with others, get answers to questions, and even drive traffic to your website.

In the past few months since I’ve been involved in Facebook groups, traffic to my website from Facebook has skyrocketed, and that traffic is also my highest-converting traffic on my website.

Here are my tips for how to get quality traffic to your site from Facebook groups.

1. Clean up your personal profile

Most of the time, the way that people will find your site in groups is by clicking on your personal profile. Make sure that your personal profile is optimized to send traffic to your business page. The best way to do this is to use Facebook’s employment section for your business. Put your job title here and the name of your business, making sure to link that to your Facebook business page. Even if you work somewhere else, only put your own business that you want to promote here so that it is very clear to people where they should go.

For your job title, be specific so that people can see exactly what you do. Don’t put “CEO” or “Owner” because that doesn’t give people much insight into what you do. Mine says “Website Strategist and Developer” so that people know exactly how I can help them: with their website.


Just by hovering over your name in a group, other members can see what you do and get a link to your business page.

Another creative idea that I saw once is that for the job title, someone wrote “Visit my business page”. This made it so that when someone looked at her profile it said “Visit my business page at Company X”. She turned her employment area into a call to action inviting people to find out more about her at her business page.

If you want to go one step further, you can update your Facebook cover photo on your personal profile to be something related to your business. This gives you an opportunity to promote your business visually to those who visit your profile. I also link to my website in the description of my cover photo. As a bonus, this will also remind your Facebook friends about what you do.

2. Keep your business page up to date

Next, make sure that you keep your Facebook business page up to date. People will click to your profile and then to your business page to find out more about what you do, so make sure that you have some recent updates there so people can see that you are active and involved in your business. Post as least several times a week on your business page. If this is difficult for you, you can use Facebook’s post scheduler to prepare your posts in advance.

You also need to have your website URL on your Facebook page in order to drive people there. Hopefully you already have that on your page, but if not, then make sure to add that right away.

3. Be visible in groups

Most Facebook groups have a clear set of rules that do not allow people to post anything promotional or salesy. Some groups don’t even allow links at all. So how in these groups do you get people to go to your site?

You contribute regularly to boost your visibility.

Seek out Facebook groups that would have an audience that would be interested in your business, and then get actively involved in them. Join the groups, and start being helpful and making connections.

If all you want to get out of the groups is sales, then you are not going to have much luck with this tactic. If you want to genuinely connect with others and be of service to them, you are much more likely to be successful.

Check in once or twice a day on your groups and try to help or encourage one person in each group. You can use the search feature to look for keywords related to your industry.

Chime in on discussions and be a part of the community. This won’t work for you if you are a lurker.

As you become more active, people will begin to notice you and take interest in you. Those you have helped will be grateful to you and they may want to learn more about you.

People will start clicking through to your profile, your business page, and then your website.

Other ways to get traffic from groups

Post in promo threads

Check the group posting rules. Often there will be a day of the week where the admins will start a thread that you can share promos on. Make sure that you have a promo ready to share on that day of the week and keep on the lookout for the post so that you can be ready to share. The only problem with these types of posts is that everyone is trying to get their promo seen too so they are crowded.

Find people who need your help

Sometimes people will outright ask for specific services that they need, and it might be just what you offer. In this case, you can share a link to your site and let them know that you can help them. Using the search function is a good way to find these types of posts.

These two methods are not as effective as just showing up, being visible and making connections in the groups.

If you’re looking for groups to get involved in, here is a list of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

This is not a tactic for sending massive amounts of traffic to your site, but it works for getting quality traffic. Facebook groups can help you build your connections and grow a small but loyal network.

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