How to Dress Like Olivia Pope [Infographic]


How to Dress Like Olivia Pope [Infographic] image how to dress like olivia pope

Today’s business community is more demanding both in and out of the office that it has ever been. Full of board meeting, briefings, luncheons, dinners and evening parties, it is common for women to get confused on how to dress for the occasion. Luckily, our modern day white knight as portrayed by in Scandal is here to save the day.

 Modeled after women like Judy Smith, a former House press secretary, Olivia Pope, the lead character in scandal, is the perfect modern day depiction of working class femme fatale. She is the perfect example to follow for anyone who refers to themselves as a gladiator in a suit. She has great signature pieces and goes to fashion designers for every outfit she wears.  Some of her most notable signature pieces include a gold Movado wristwatch, a tony Burch trench coat, Prada and Goyard bags, Gucci platform pumps and a famous signature strut.

 Some of her go to fashion designers include Escada Jean Fares Courture, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Goyard, Gucci, Armani, Raulph Lauren, Prada and Movado, But simply listing designer names and wearing designer clothes will not get you that look you so desire. You need to come out as a strong and independent woman with a soft side without coming out as intimidating. This takes a lot of finesse but the end result is superb as we clearly see with Olivia Pope. And who is not awed and amazed by her whenever she walks into a room. The charm, professionalism and strong femininity is always a wonder to behold. Well, that could be you creating a balance between rocking power outfits and maintaining a beautiful womanly aspect. And to start you off, here is a great infographic that guides you through how to dress like Olivia Pope.


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