How To Create Engaging Tweets Using This Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways


A tweet is composed of 140 characters. It may seem easy to create and post short messages. But it isn’t. Not all tweets which are created in 140 characters and are posted out get retweeted, captivate readers and generate a loyal audience. So why is it important to know how to create engaging tweets, and how can you do that?

It is an inevitable fact that social media has become indispensable for individuals and organisations to make their presence felt in the market or public sphere.Twitter ranks only second to Facebook as the most engaging social media platform for web based marketing. Really great tweets can be used to capture the attention of the target audience.

Twitter experts point out the engagement, as of now, at 288 million twitter users generating 500 million tweets per day. So you can imagine, how viral a good tweet can go and how much it would benefit your company and business or whatever kind of aim you are choosing to pursue with Twitter.

Twitter has become the most widely used conversation tool for individuals, celebrities, leaders, organisations and businesses to engage with the public.

As a developing public communicator or a business, the quality of your tweets will certainly reflect on you image, the kind of followers you will obtain, your engagement and reach.

Hence, writing engaging tweets is essential. The fact that you have to convey something engaging in 140 characters or less is a challenge but if you have to get a great engagement with your customers, there are some great ways of writing effective tweets, simply and engagingly.

1. Talk Naturally

If you want to build your relationships with your audience, you have to be yourself, natural and conversational. Originality and genuineness always counts. Use the style of tweeting which reflects you as you are. Being artificial or putting on a role which you does not fit you, can be made out through the tweets. Personalise your tweets. Make it seem that you are addressing each and every person out there.

Engagement needs a personal touch.

2. Share Interesting Content.

Share content through your tweets, which are relevant, topical and which can sure grab the attention. But do not over-promote yourself. That is one way to kill your audience interest. Mix and match yours with other people’s tweets/contents which support your purpose. You will gain the interest and long standing following of the people.

3. Add Attractive Images/ Interesting Links

Posting your tweet with an image or link which enhances its meaning and its effect is a great idea. Many people are more receptive to visuals than to text; so supporting visuals and links are a great way to enhance the engagement and effectiveness of the tweet. Another strategy is to use quotes. They are a great way to engaging audience.

Research has shown that tweets with images are 94% likely to be retweeted than tweets without images. So, purposeful images, which are tailored to suit your custom made tweets, are likely to engage the audience, in the long run. And in case you feel that you do not have the time to do this, there are software and apps, which helps you in creating custom made images.

Use Images on Twitter to Get More ReTweets

4. Maximum Readability and Retweetability

Your tweets should aim at reaching the widest possible audience, be understandable to the most and should be interesting enough to be retweeted.

5. Tweet with Purpose

Your tweet should reflect a purpose or aim. It can be humorous or serious, topical, a political commentary; it should aim to create and inspire certain reactions. In the case of businesses, your tweets regarding your products or themes associated with it, should focus on what you want the consumer to think about or feel as a result of interaction or use of the product.

6. Audience Centered Tweets

Keep your audience in mind, when you compose tweets. You have to tailor your tweets which cater to the taste of most of the audience, and helps them connect with them – could be in terms of context, in terms of language, in terms of topic etc.

7. Succinct Tweets

Creating engaging tweets is an art, but it can be developed with sufficient thought and practice. Always remember that long drawn out tweets are boring and may cause the readers to lose interest. Your tweets have to be succinct, to the point, and direct. At the same time, they have to be natural too.

8. Consistency in Quality

Ensure that the tweets remain consistent in purpose, direction and quality. Then you will be able to build up a reputation and engage followers on a long term basis. People follow those who are producing content of consistent quality and interest, topical, questioning, insightful, and critical.

With all these tips and tricks, great planning and thinking out, as well as a connectable personality style, your tweets would be sure to engage the attention of your audience. Do remember that at the end of the day, it is all about being original and true to yourself, that brings in the audience!