How to Choose Content for an Employee Advocacy Program


We are asked time and again what type of content is good for our employee advocates to share. While there is no precise answer, we have come up with three simple questions to ask yourself to see if the content is suitable sharing.

1. Does this content create value for the brand?

Good content creates value for the brand in a way that is engaging and attractive. When evaluating content, the first question should always be: “what’s in it for the brand in this content being spread?”

Success stories, event promotions, open positions, blogs, are good examples of sharable content, but first, make sure there is something that adds value for the brand. Defining your goals in advance helps with deciding how, where and when the content should be shares. Whether, it is increased website traffic, new employees or event participants you are after, well begun is half done!

2. Does this content create value for the employee?

Once you have determined that the content is to the benefit of the brand, the next question becomes “why would our employees want to share this?”. This is where some content might be better spread through corporate accounts instead of employee networks.

For examples, case studies, industry insights and success stories all improve the professional brand of the employee sharing them and are thus good examples of content employees are usually more than willing to share. Also, why not let employees to suggest content that is at their interest?

3. Does this content create value for people in our employees networks?

Last, but not least, consider the value the content brings to the people receiving it. Are there benefits to them as well? For instance, open positions, upcoming events or contests have the potential to create value to the audience by making them aware of an opportunity that they may otherwise have missed.

If you can answer “yes” to all the above questions you are much more likely to get employees involved in sharing your content. Just remember, employees want to see intrinsic benefits from participation in an employee advocacy program and if you are able to help them achieve this, you are much more likely to succeed. In addition to the increased reach, you can also expect increased employee engagement and commitment with a well-run employee advocacy program.

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