How To Choose A Blog Topic


How To Choose A Blog Topic image business blog topics 300x120According to Hubspot, companies who create, optimize and promote their blogs get 55 percent more traffic and 70 percent more leads than those who don’t.

It’s an important foundation for your business marketing and you must blog on a regular basis. However, sometimes it can be difficult to choose a topic to write about.

Here are some ideas for how to choose a blog topic…

Jump Off Customer Questions and Problems

The odds are that if your customers are experiencing certain problems or asking you questions, other people out there are too. And they’re probably taking to Google or other search engines to find answers or solutions.

You are that solution, or at least you can offer expert advice on solving that problem.

Use a Topical Spin on an Evergreen Subject

There might be some elements of your business that don’t change often. That doesn’t mean you can’t write multiple blog posts about it — just give them a different spin.

For example, give your article a royal baby spin: “10 Louisville Restaurants Fit For The Royal Baby”. Or, “Engage Your Customers The Comic Con Way.” It’s possible you have an article about engaging customers but rewriting the content with a Comic Con hook makes it fresh and new.

Make a List

Articles with numbers in their titles get more attention. Three steps to a healthier you? How simple! Do some research and put together “10 Compelling Facts To Outsource HR”. An article like that is easy to read and, if you’re up to date on your industry, easy to assemble.

When All Else Fails…

If you’re like me and you’re having an experience at work, write about it, and that’s how “How To Choose A Blog Topic” was born!

What’s your creative process for blogging?

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