How To Catch An iPhone Thief


shutterstock_127179734What would you do if your iPhone was stolen?

Sure, you’d call the cops, but there’s really not much they can do about it.  And let’s face it. You probably wouldn’t see that phone again.

But, with a little forward-thinking, you can protect your data from theft at least — and even get a some sweet revenge on the person who stole it.


With the thumbprint sensor on the new iPhones, there is really NO excuse not to lock your phone. If you have an older iPhone, use a passcode.

It takes two seconds to unlock your phone. It’s annoying at first, but wouldn’t you rather be safe? You don’t want a criminal looking at your address book, calendar, or whatever else you have on your iPhone, do you? (If you do, stop reading.)

Upgrade to iOS7

iOS7 is safer, of course – at least that’s what NYPD seems to think. They’ve been handing out fliers on the street, urging people to upgrade.

Why? Are they getting paid by Apple to do this? Nope, but they’re probably hoping to cut down on the frantic “ohmygodsomeonejustswipedmyphone!” calls.

If someone steals your iPhone and you’re running iOS7, they can’t wipe the system without your Apple ID. And this could really cut down on iPhone thefts, the NYPD logics. Because if iPhones are worthless to thieves, there’ll be less theft (or “Apple picking”, as it’s known).


But assuming you’ve thumbprinted and iOS-updated and your phone is STILL stolen, there’s an app that’s looking out for you: Lookout.

Lookout, which is free in the Appstore, can help you lock, wipe or locate your iPhone from your desktop. You can also display a customized message on the lock screen, so people can contact you if the phone is lost.

It’s not the only app to do this — Find My iPhone has included this feature for a while — but Lookout has another, better feature.

After three incorrect password attempts, Lookout uses the front-facing camera to snap a picture of the thief. #Selfie #NoFilter

You can view this picture from your computer, and pass it on to the police – just like THIS guy did.

Downloading it now? Yep, we thought so.

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