How to Build a Social Media Resume and Bag the Dream Job Offer?


How to Build a Social Media Resume and Bag the Dream Job Offer? image Resume

Let’s face it: social media has a great influence on your job search process, whether you want it or not.If you are on a social media site, that means you have an online presence and the employers can locate you with minimum efforts. It is observed, that majority of the employers are using social media in some forms or the others in their quest to find new talents.

So, instead of passively siting and accepting what is going on, why not invest some time and utilize the medium that the hiring managers are relying upon to find new candidates? It will be your first task to create a social media resume. The resume is essential to attract employers directly to you, without having you to submit your resume to them.

Create a website or a blog

Whether you want to start with a website or a blog depends upon how much time you have, your technological competencies and how you can deal with criticisms. Whatever be your preference – blog or website, for both, there are free and easy to use services. If you want there are paid services as well. But, what will that website or blog include? Relevant details about you that the employers may be interested to consider. You need to update that from time to time as you keep on gathering new experiences and develop new skills in your career track.

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Options for creating blogs

Google blogger or are both easy to use and do not require much web knowledge. Both of them are free. If you want a paid version or Typepad may be effective to begin with. There are several blogging platforms online, search for a relevant one from among them.

Options for starting with a website is a free web tool for many different options. Godaddy or FastCow are the paid versions to build your websites. There are several easy website building software that you can use at the time of constructing your own website.

URL is the key

When you sign up for Godaddy or other webhosting sites, you will get a free domain name. If they allow you to create a site with your name, it is great. The URL of your blog or website is extremely important. If the webhosting spaces will not allow to use your name, purchase the domain name. It is always better to purchase the domain name like If it is not available look for your If .com is not there, look for its equivalents like .net or .org. The objective of the URL is that you can promote it everywhere and people can easily remember it.

Tips to promote the URL

  • Mention it on the hard copy of the resume
  • Use it on your social networks
  • Refer it on your business cards or other marketing materials

Format and design of your website or blog

You have decided to create a blog or website for your resume, but have you ever thought how to represent it? At the outset, consider your resume. Break it into different sections. It will be easier for you to create tabs and pages for each of the sections. It will be easier for the recruiters to navigate and crawl the pages.

You have to alter your website or blog format depending on the kind of job you are looking for. Recruiters from any field will be in search of certain information. You have to think of a design so that they can easily find out those.

You may include following section in your blog or website:

  • Bio
  • About
  • Personal information
  • Vision
  • Skills
  • Technical competencies
  • Strengths
  • Experience
  • Career highlights
  • Case studies
  • Awards
  • News and Events
  • Social Networks
  • Volunteer projects

Making a multimedia resume

When you are creating a blog or website for resume, you have the advantage to make it interactive and interesting. You can include a video of a seminar which you have recently conducted, photos of you meeting top people in business or industry, or an audio testimonial from your previous co-worker or clients. You may also add pitch stating why a particular company should hire you. It will depend upon the company you are trying to target.

Integrate your social media profiles

Recruiters will certainly go through your social media profiles while exploring the online presence. Therefore, it is better to link your social media pages on your website or blog. However, before you mention any of your social media profiles on your blog or website make sure how it will appear to the recruiters. Review all the pictures, wall posts and information that the hiring managers will be able to access.

However, even if you do not want to add your Facebook link, it will be better for your social media resume to have a link of your LinkedIn page and Twitter account. These are the best sites for professional networking. You may include everything on LinkedIn that a recruiter may desire from an applicant. You can have cover letter, resume and reference lists. You can update them as and when  required. You can make contact with people with whom you did not work with, but who may be helpful  for your career. From your Twitter streams recruiters can also have a better feeling of who you are.  Recruiters cannot help but notice once you have established your online presence. Therefore, be proactive and start working on your online presence.

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