How to Become Video Savvy in 2015


Online video content is nothing new. User-generated videos featuring sassy cats and the next big pop star have been part of Internet culture since YouTube burst on the scene on Valentine’s Day, 2005. The amount of video that people are consuming, however, is in the midst of a growth explosion, thanks in big part to the amount of video that people are watching on mobile devices. Sixty-seven percent of global video consumers prefer to watch movies, TV shows and music videos on mobile devices, and 80 percent watch a mobile video at least once every few days

So what can your small business do to capture the video-watching market, but do it efficiently and on a budget? Take a look at a few simple suggestions:

Create your own videos. This can be an intimidating step for small business owners who may not feel tech-savvy or camera-ready. The truth is that video content does not need to be perfect to garner an audience. Think about the topics that you know best and what may be interesting or useful to your customers. From there, plan video content using your Webcam, smartphone or other recording device and upload it to a popular site like YouTube then share the link. You can do profiles of employees, tutorials, or even fun music videos that are relevant to your brand. Think outside the typical video constraints, and you could come up with some pretty creative material.

Share other videos. Any engagement with your social media accounts is positive, even if that engagement is not directly related to your own content. A Facebook fan, for example, is more likely to see your content if he or she has recently interacted with you by liking or commenting on one of your posts. If you see a video post that you think fits your target audience, click the “share” button on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter. You can even pin video content on Pinterest, or upload videos to Instagram.

Watch other videos. Particularly the video content of your competitors. This is especially important if you are in an industry that does not necessarily lend itself naturally to video content. Glean some creative ideas by seeing what seems to be working for other companies that have the same target audience as you. You can also watch popular video content on any topic or from any industry to inform your own material. Of course you never want to copy or plagiarize the material of someone else, but getting inspiration from others is a smart move.

What is your favorite kind of video content to consume online?

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