How to Become a Social Media Guru for Just $84.99!

How to Become a Social Media Guru for Just $  84.99!

If you are savvy when it comes to digital marketing and are interested in offering social media services to earn some extra cash, you need to stand out amongst the competition. Let’s face it; anyone can make a witty Facebook post or blast out 10 daily tweets. It is essential to figure out what distinguishes you when it comes to your social media marketing services.

Having a graphic design background where you create compelling imagery, which will lead to more interaction, is a perfect example of a distinguishable trait for social media services. Having the digital ability to capture email addresses from a social campaign, which will expand your email-marketing database and result in more conversions is another perfect example.

Don’t panic if you feel like you don’t have a graphic design skill-set or the capability to build a custom application on Facebook. In this blog, we’ll teach you 4 ways to become a social media guru for just $ 84.99!

1. Hootsuite

For just $ 8.99 per month, you’ll be able to sign up for Hootsuite’s pro package. This includes 50 social profiles and enhanced analytics reporting. When it comes to the best bang for your buck, HootSuite is definitely at the top of the list for social marketers. To add icing on the cake, there is a 30-day free trial for the pro version just to make sure that you like (take my word, you will).

With Hootsuite, you’ll save an immense amount of time by scheduling out posts. One of the best features is the reporting that Hootsuite will provide. When it comes to charging money for your social media services, the client deserves advanced reporting, which shows key performance indicators. For just $ 8.99 per month, Hootsuite will accomplish all of this for you.  

2. BigStock

Don’t worry if you aren’t a graphic designer or unfamiliar with Adobe Photoshop. BigStock offers millions of stock images with either a subscription plan or a credit pack plan. You’ll be amazed how much interaction on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ increases once you have compelling imagery to go along with your clever posts.

If you purchase 10 credits for $ 35.00, this will allow you to download 10 images (in the smallest size, which is compatible for Facebook’s size dimensions) that will align perfectly with your social campaign. You’ll ponder how you ever survived beforehand without amazing imagery!

3. ShortStack

If your strategy on Facebook is just to obtain page “Likes” and garner interaction, you are failing miserably. One way to justify the return on investment from Facebook is to capture email addresses from perspective customers.

ShortStack, which allows non-developers to easily create Facebook apps, provides an opportunity to capture email addresses within a Facebook application on your page. Even better, if you want to embed this Facebook application on your website, this can easily be done by just signing up for the $ 29.99 monthly package. We will give you a hint; give away a prize that relates to your brand with the requirement of the user having to fill out an email address.

4. Facebook Ads:

Between Hootsuite, ShortStack and BigStock you will be spending $ 69.99 per month if you sign-up for the packages mentioned above. In order to leverage your monthly investment, it is well worth it to spend another $ 15.00 for the month on Facebook advertisements.

Let’s say you create an amazing Facebook post following this criteria:

  • You schedule a post in advance through HootSuite
  • A Big Stock graphic is utilized to capture the users attention
  • The end goal is to capture email addresses of perspective clients

By investing $ 5.00 into three promoted Facebook posts ($ 15.00 total) it will likely yield the most engagement out of all of your monthly posts. This will help you capture more email addresses, drive more web traffic to your site and validate the time and effort behind your social marketing efforts.

If you have been hesitant to pitch your social media services to the business next door, investing $ 84.99 into these tools will provide you with the needed confidence to take your social marketing skills to the next level. Don’t be surprised if down the road, you get a referral to another client from the company you were nervous to make that initial pitch to. You can credit the $ 84.99 monthly investment you made into bolstering your social media marketing services for the great ROI!