How Social Media Wound Up Costing $80,000


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If there’s one family that’s probably not too fond of social media these days, it has to be the Snays. It was recently reported that 69-year-old Patrick Snay, the former Guillver Preparatory School head, filed an age discriminatory complaint following issues with his contract. Snay came to an agreement with the school that would ultimately wind up with him being granted an $ 80,000 settlement. When Snay’s daughter took to Facebook to boast, said settlement went out the window. Along with it went the aforementioned sum of money.

The fact that Snay’s daughter’s grouo of 1,200 followers saw the message was bad enough but keep in mind that many of them were in Gulliver at one point or another. One could make the argument that Snay should have been clear with his family, telling them about the confidentiality agreement that came with the settlement. If he did not properly detail it, then it would be nothing short of an oversight on his part. While $ 80,000 might not seem like much to some people, to others it can practically change their entire worlds.

This does not mean that no blame should fall upon Snay’s daughter because to say such a thing would be projecting a lie. From what the story detailed, she was around the typical college age, which means that she should have had enough sense to not scream about her father’s settlement from the mountaintops of social media. Everyone has a right to be excited about cases like these. It was just a matter of choosing the places to brag; Facebook, as one could imagine, was very low on that list.

It’s also important to think about how those followers would react to such news. When it comes to the advice that a social media agency can give to anyone who is new to this particular platform, one of the most important bits of information that can be presented is to not post messages online that you would not necessarily say in real life. Would Snay’s daughter brag about the money that could contribute to the supposed summer vacation in Europe that her post entailed in a real-life scenario?

As much as I enjoy the perks that sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer, it seems as though social media overall has allowed people to believe that they have a sense of ambiguity. They may believe that the messages they post or tweet out are not going to come back around on them but, more and more, stories are released about individuals being negatively impacted by networking. Last year in June, for example, a Taco Bell employee was fired because of a photo that was leaked of him licking a stack of taco shells. One would have to imagine that he didn’t anticipate that sort of backlash but these occurrences happen, giving the lack of any true ambiguity on social media.

The Snay family is likely none too happy about the actions taken by the daughter and it’s hard to blame the members of the family in question. Even if $ 80,000 isn’t looked at as a tremendous amount of money, it still matters. With that said, if Patrick Snay didn’t previously outline the rules of the confidentiality agreement to his family, it’d be easy to make the case that he had a part in the matter as well.

Regardless of which side is taken, one cannot overlook what this story is: a circumstance turned unfortunate by poor utilization of a networking platform.

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