How Social Media Platforms Can Make Your Job Search Easy


It is an irrefutable fact that job searching is a demanding task for job seekers, especially for the fresh candidates. It can exhaust your mind and body while making your day very miserable. Fortunately, the boom in the technological advancements has made this process a little un-hectic for us. With the availability of popular social networks, one could easily find a job without putting much effort or even without exhausting himself.

The main factor that plays an important role in making your job search stress-free is having a professional network. Today, it is fairly significant to build and expand a personal network so that you can tap into professional discussions in your field, keep an eye out for prospective job openings and even assess your worth in the market.

Of course, an inappropriate use of these networks may land you on hot water and jeopardize your dream job. But look on the bright side; if you use it productively it could land you on a lucrative job that you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you are also seeking a well-paid job, then you must capitalize on the following top social networks.

3 Popular Social Networks for Job Seekers


Having over 35million users, LinkedIn is the most popular and most powerful professional network out there. Around 92% percent of the recruiters use LinkedIn to find prospective candidates. Moreover, around 89% of them have already recruited employees through this platform, according to Mashable’s infographics.

recruiters use LinkedIn

Recruiters find it relatively easy to look for potential job candidates by finding them through single-click search and skimming their online resume. In addition to that recruiters also get to see the endorsements the candidate has received from his peers and former-employers.

Some of the best features of this network is that you can grow your connections, send them emails to let them know about your situation, monitor how many people have viewed your profile, pull feeds from Twitter thereby letting every followers know what you are tweeting and much, much more.

To get started, sign up on LinkedIn  and create a compelling profile to attract the roving eyes of prospective employers. Don’t forget to optimize your profile using relevant keywords.


Facebook doesn’t need any introduction as almost every breathing soul on this planet is already aware of it. However, what you may possibly not aware of is the fact that this GIGANTIC network can also be used for seeking job other than walling meaningless memes.

Enjoying over 1 Billion monthly active users, Facebook can be used as a huge marketplace for both job recruiters and job seekers. To get started, you can join different groups on Facebook that offers job opening feeds. Just like LinkedIn, you can grow your connection (professional friends list) and find job opportunities.

You can also make the most from the “Update Status” feature of Facebook to let your friends and even friends of friend know that you are looking for a job. In addition to that you can also link your blog (portfolio) to your Fb page to keep your friends updated with your current blog posts.


Twitter is a great micro-blogging tool that leverages on the instant-messaging-like interface to connect people. Though it takes a little time or understanding to unlock its full potential, it can enhance your visibility as a job seeker among your followers and even present you as an expert figure in your field.

Accommodating over 500 million total users, twitter empowers you to connect with those individuals who you don’t know but share common interest with. Using distinct features like “Hashtags (#)” you can let your followers and even their followers know that you are available for a job. You can create a short and compelling bio to present a brief pitch on you and your skills. In addition to that you can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and personal blog link to your Twitter profile to merge all the networks and squeeze out the most from them.

Tips on Using Social Networks Effectively For Job Search

  • Don’t post any inconsiderate comments about anyone. Likewise avoid complaining about your previous job or the current one on any social networks as it sets a negative image before a prospective employer.
  • Talking about inconsiderate remarks, avoid posting any racial slurs or racy remarks as well. Such remarks are taken more seriously by recruiters than any complain or criticism.
  • Clean up your profile trashing all the bad comments, posts and even explicit images. Remember that tidying up your profile and giving it a more professional look will make you stand out.
  • Connect with as many expert or professional people in your field as possible as it will help you expand your network. Network expansion encourages more exposure, i.e., more publicity.
  • Last but not least, set the privacy settings so that you can control who can view your profile and what sections, pages or posts they can view.

Co-authored by Sasha Rodger, editor at Essay Mall. She is also an education blogger, specialized in the field of professional development management.