How Social Media Can Serve Your Business



Though most of us use social media as a way to keep up with friends or take photos of what we’re eating, it’s increasing its value and importance in many other fields. Specifically, social media and technology are helping businesses become more productive and do things that might once have been unimaginable.

It gives the little guys a chance to compete with Fortune 500 companies, and customers the ability to find everyone in between. If your company is looking for a change, but has yet to hop on the social media bandwagon yet, here are some reasons why you should strap in for the long haul.

Social media has changed the way businesses are run

Whether you’re talking about email reminders about meetings, finding new clients, or any other daily task in the typical office, social media sites have an impact. But it doesn’t stop in the office.

In 2013, 73% of the Fortune 500 companies had a social media platform, whether it was Facebook or Twitter. This makes it much easier for them to reach out to customers, but also to gauge what their customers are thinking.

Social media forums help companies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what their customers want. They’re able to connect with people in a more personal and direct way.

How social media especially helps small businesses

Advertising has always been essential if a business hopes to be seen. Just a decade or two ago it required loads of money to get an ad on television or take out a page in the newspaper.

But with social media, every business, no matter how big or small, can have a page dedicated to its services. A company such as Storage Pods uses social media and technology in its markets to encourage people to rely on the firm whenever people move or need to store their personal belongings.

Independent dentists, real estate agents, and even freelance employees are all finding ways to use social media to increase their business. And it doesn’t require the same level of financial investment that television or print media did.

Social media gives customers a voice

Social media and technology have made businesses and companies much more accountable for their actions. There are now hundreds of news stories about someone who was displeased with a particular company and went to social media to vent about it.

All it takes is a few shares and re-tweets, and before you know it, the frustrations have gone viral. While some companies may naturally shy away from the attention, it’s actually a great way for companies to show they care about their customers.

Not only does social media make companies more accountable, but it also makes customers happier knowing because they have a voice that would’ve gone unheard and unnoticed in the past.

It’s hard to imagine a life before social media and the entrenched technology, but it’s probably here for the long haul. More and more businesses are utilizing social media and maximizing their efforts to connect with potential customers. From the looks of things, it’s only going to keep growing.

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