How Modern Phone Systems Might Help To Easily Connect With Your Customer


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Keeping the lines of communication open between your customers and your employees is arguably the most important part of successfully establishing and maintaining a business. In theory, this aspect of running a business should be one of the easiest to strengthen. As technology progresses, after all, individuals are increasingly connected via a number of mediums, including mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – as well as via social networking, email, and even text messaging. Business owners are increasingly taking advantage of some of these methods, especially with the rise of communication systems that include support for features such as conference calls, live chat, fax-from-emails, and voicemail transcription.

With such a multitude of available options, however, it is easy to forget the importance of a simple phone call. Many businesses fail to adequately support this medium of communication in favor of emphasizing more “convenient” methods, and do not take into account the fact that many customers prefer a more traditional business contact method as opposed to something that seems too “advanced” and less personal. Instead of allowing phone communication to fall by the wayside, consider switching to a Cloud based system that gives you advanced features that more “connected” customers will love while maintaining a familiar and consistent phone service for those customers that need it.

Cloud-Based Communications

As mentioned above, traditional phone systems lack the advanced features that allow you maintain convenient contact with all of your customers, regardless of their communication method preference. Adopt a PBX phone system than can integrate with Google Apps and realize the full potential of “unified communication”. No longer will you have to keep track of multiple providers offering different rates, different software, and different service plans just to maintain a full suite of communication ability. With cloud-based infrastructure, you can lower the costs of communication while simultaneously raising the user-friendliness of your business. Cloud-based phone systems ensure that your employees are no longer bound to a certain device or location in order to stay in touch with your client: they are now accessible everywhere, and via whatever method is preferred by your customers.

Ensure That Your Customers Receive the Care They Deserve

If you adopt a cloud-based phone system, a number of advanced features will become available to you. Some of these features are specifically targeted towards ensuring a smooth customer experience for your clients, such as the ability to create smart groups in your call center in order to ensure that clients reach the correct personnel, and are directed to the appropriate voicemail if the call goes unanswered for a certain amount of time. You customers will not have to wait on hold for significant amounts of time or experience the frustration that comes with endless transfers. This helps project an air of professionalism and efficiency from your business to your clients. Along the same line, you can also review call volume and wait times – historical and in real-time – and assess the efficiency with which your team is operating.

Remain Accessible and Professional

When you adopt a cloud-based phone system, you are ensuring that your clients will always be able to reach a representative, regardless of where said representative is at the time. Your employees can use an extension number from a cloud-based phone system on their mobile device, a company computer, a personal computer, or even a tablet. The client will not know whether or not they are calling a personal mobile device or VoIP line to a computer – all they will know is that they are receiving excellent and fast service.

In the event that a customer does not dial directly into a representative’s line, you want to make sure that they are greeted cordially and efficiently directed to their destination. With a cloud-based phone system, you can guarantee that your customers will have a pleasant experience through the use of auto attendants and attendant consoles. You can use these tools to play different messages at different times of the day, or even to offer different options depending on the caller. Not only does this make the experience far more pleasant for your customer, but it also projects a professional image that your clients will remember.

Today’s customers are some of the most well-connected consumers in history. With many options for service comes the expectation of increasingly quick and accurate customer service, however, and failing to accurately implement and utilize a proper communications system will ensure that both current and potential customers form a negative association with your brand whenever they call for help. Don’t let the chance to stay in constant contact with your customers slip away: adopt a cloud-based phone system and keep all of your communication easily managed in a single console.

About The Author

Sandra J. Lambert, a computer networking and security specialist. She is a CISCO certified professional who writes about computer security services and antivirus products.

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