How Many Social Media Users Follow Brand Pages? [Infographic]


With Instagram opening up its ad platform to more brands, many marketers are in the process of re-assessing how they can utilize the platform to best effect. By all measures, Instagram holds great appeal, with high engagement rates and unrestricted organic reach. Adding to that, Global Web Index has released new data which shows that Instagram is also the social platform where users are most likely to follow branded accounts, with 53% of respondents indicating they’re likely to follow brands on the platform.

Twitter comes in second at 50%, while Facebook was the least likely platform where users want to follow brand Pages, with 44% of users indicating they’re seeking brand updates.

Instagrammers are also more likely to use the platform for purchase research, with 44% of users indicating they go looking for product info on the site. It’s not hard to see why brands are so keen to jump on board the Instagram train – full infographic below.

How Many Social Media Users Follow Brand Pages [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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