How I’d Save Twitter If I Were CEO


How I’d Save Twitter If I Were CEO | Social Media Today

Twitter has had a transformative impact on my life, both professionally and personally. But I believe that the platform is has become disconnected from the user community, lost in a fight to satisfy Wall Street and struggling to decide if they want to be more Facebook than Twitter as we’ve known.

Recently, co-founder Jack Dorsey was appointed as CEO, which was great to hear, and then Twitter released a new feature called Moments to improve the discovery of content and trends within the tweet streams. With all that being said, I’ve half jokingly said for months that I would make a great Twitter CEO as I’m a guy with a technology background, a power user of Twitter and I’m experienced in implementing change in enterprise companies, as well as within startups. But most of all….

I LOVE and believe in the power of Twitter to change the world

Here’s the Periscope video I did breaking down each of the things I would fix if I was given the job of Twitter CEO or even Periscope Evangelist.

Here is a listing of what I discussed at a high level:

Twitter Isn’t Facebook

  • Facebook is a network
  • Twitter is an open fire hose of communities

Twitter Training

  • Focus on the Twitter learning curve for newbie to power user
  • Twitter employee advocacy
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ certification course

Twitter KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid

  • Simplify the Twitter UI
  • Integrate Twitter 3rd party tools

Twitter Paid

  • Twitter customer service

Twitter Data and Social Listening

  • Twitter advocates and event amplification
  • Offline events need Twitter visibility

Twitter Video and Periscope

  • Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019

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