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How ICICI Customers Bank Without Leaving Facebook


PocketsByICICIBankThere is no need for Facebook users in India to stop posting and chatting just because they have to do some banking. ICICI Bank, which claims the title of the “largest private-sector bank in India,” has an application for Facebook fans that just hate to spend time away from the site.

The financial institution that serves 19 countries developed the Pockets by ICICI Bank app, which allows customers to conduct all kinds of transactions including “split ‘n’ share,” meaning tracking group expenses and divvying them up, as well as sending reminders that payment is owed; paying friends by transferring money to their bank accounts without even knowing their account numbers; and even booking movie tickets.

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar said in a press release announcing Pockets by ICICI Bank:

The bank has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in banking. With the launch of Pockets by ICICI Bank, we bring the most comprehensive banking app on Facebook globally. Pockets by ICICI Bank will enable the young consumers, who spend a lot of time on Facebook, to carry out a wide set of transactions without having to leave the social media site.

Customers, young and old, may well find plenty more to love about the app, which also allows users to view details of credit-card statements, savings-account transactions, and more.

Get all the details on the official ICICI Bank Facebook page.

Readers: Would you trust a Facebook app enough to conduct banking business with it?

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